• They provide a lot of services.

    The department of highway safety provides a lot of services to help keep the roads safe such as repairs, assistance for stranded drivers, and trying to keep unsafe drivers off of the roads. There is always room for improvement, more so in areas that don't have a lot of funding, but overall they do a good job.

  • Yes, they are as effective as they can be

    Yes, highways are relatively safe considering the amount of people who travel on them and the potential for danger. There is only so much the Department of Highway Safety can do to make roads safe, and they are doing it quite well. Of course, accidents are inevitable, but the DHS does a good job of keeping them to a minimum.

  • Yes, the best they can.

    This is a really hard job because you cannot prevent all accidents in one swift course of laws and regulations. There is no way that this department can do a better job, and if they could, it really wouldn't prevent accidents because, indeed, that is why they are called accidents.

  • yes they are

    Yes, I think that they are real good at their jobs, and that they do a whole lot of good for the country as a whole. i think that we need the a whole lot to make sure that we are taken care of while we are driving down the road.

  • Nothing By That Name

    If you Google the name, Department of Highway Safety, nothing comes up that actually matches that query. I'm curious to know what country we are referring to or are we referring to the state run highway departments. I personally think there is a lot of waste concerning our highways, their safety, and their maintenance, but I can't in good faith blame it on an agency I can't even confirm exists.

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