• Yes. Water is necessary for life

    Water is a necessary element for modern civilized living. Considering the economic disaster that Detroit's turned into, just shutting off water service whole hog is shameful. What are people supposed to do, go to the local creek? Are they supposed to die of thirst? Hey, maybe they should get a job or get a better one! Wait, there aren't any...

  • Yes, the Detroit water issue is an "affront to human rights".

    It is up to each and every one of us humans are responsible for keeping water clean no matter where we live. The water in Detroit is specifically bad and there needs to be something done about it. It isn't fit for people to drink or even swim in. Just think about the animals that have to live in that disgusting water so it's even an affront to animal rights!

  • The Detroit water issue is a serious breach of human rights.

    All human beings have a right to water regardless of their financial situation. To cut off water in this way will potentially cause severe hardship, the like of which is usually confined to third world countries where natural causes are the source of water shortages. The Detroit water crisis really is an "affront to human rights".

  • No, people must pay for services and goods.

    No, the Detroit water issue is not an "affront to human rights". Society works because people pay for services and products they wish to receive or own. If people are unwilling or unable to pay for something, they simply will not receive those goods or services. It is not an "affront to human right" to uphold these standards.

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