• Africa The Next China

    The Chinese people are slowly getting work benefits equal to those of Americans. When that happens, development will head to Africa in the next 20 years as companies look to cheap labor. Given 50 years from now, Africans will see an uptick in labor costs to eventually make the entire world on equal footing for employment/labor costs and development. Sometime, the entire world will be fully developed as cheap labor goes through other continents.

  • The development gap is not narrowing.

    The way we are moving towards our development of different subject does seem like it is possibly narrowing, however we are still improving on everything that we have done now. In order to achieve more wild types of ideas and develop them we need to make sure we have the right parts and technology, or aspect to achieve them. An example is that not long ago we were only imagining the idea of putting life onto another planet but now we are even asking for volunteers and we already have ways to get them there. We might be slowing down slightly in some areas but it is definitely not narrow.

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