• Yes it is.

    There are some downsides to the development of technology, but overall it is a good thing. Technology is such a broad subject and includes things like TV, computers, and phones. It can also include microwave, some toys, and many other things. These things help to make our lives more enjoyable and easier.

  • No, technology is not always good.

    This is a difficult question, because advances in society have led to a lot of good, such as the development of various things like the polio vaccine and light bulb. However, technology as of late is mostly devoted to entertainment purposes, such as televisions, tablets, smartphones, and the like. It is changing society, and making us less social, while thinking we are more social; more isolated, while thinking we are more connected. We are also trying very hard to keep up with all of the updates and new items, which leads to hyper-consumerism and technological waste and pollution. Technology overall can be for the good, but in many ways it is going a little too far in modern society.

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