• yes it is

    yes, i do think that this is a very good way to live and that is a way that helps out a whole lot of people across the nation every single day. I think that it is good for the people to follow and that it is a good thing.

  • No, Dianetics is phony

    Dianetics is a system cynically created by L. Ron Hubbard just to exploit the gullible and make a buck. The same man came up with Scientology for the same reasons. People who place their faith in this phony system are asking to be disappointed. They should try one of the religions that developed organicially over millennia, not a psuedo-religion invented by one man less than a century ago. Or better yet, they should practice yoga, a mind-body discipline with proven results.

  • Dianetics is the Gateway to a Cult

    Dianetics philosophy is not a healthy way to live. Rather it is a gateway to the cult of Scientology. Scientology was invented by a mentally ill science fiction writer. It says we are all reincarnated aliens and that psychiatry is evil and unnecessary. Dissuading the mentally ill from getting psychiatric help is very unhealthy.

  • Dianetics philosophy is not that healthy to live by

    Dianetics philosophy is not that healthy to live by. After reading about it, the philosophy of it only confused me more. The fundamentals processing and theory behind it is to separate our mind into 3 parts: the analytical, somatic, and reactive mind. It makes sense to some degree, but It is very hard to accomplish in reality and only a few people can accomplish to live up to its philosophical standards.

  • I Hate To Say Anything Bad About Any Religion, But

    Dianetics are the principals and tenets associate with Scientology. Dianetics is the psychotherapy treatment referred to as auditing by Scientology. I'm not particularly a supporter of Scientology although I rarely say anything bad about any religion. I think too many people look past the creator and try to see things in this religion that aren't there. I can't personally say it's a healthy way to live.

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