Is the dignity and sanctity of life upheld in societies where abortion has be legalized?

  • The dignity of life is not upheld, if we support murder, which is the same as abortion.

    An unborn child is a live person, and if we support the murder of that child, then we have no more dignity for life. Those that think abortion is right need to think of were they would be, if their mothers decided to kill them. If a woman doesn't want a child, then there are ways to prevent it that don't include murder.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • Absolutely, because the sanctity of the mother's life and that of the children she might already have are protected.

    Is it dignified to die from a back alley abortion hack job? Is it dignified to force abject poverty on families because there is another mouth to feed? Is it dignified to force a woman with a 22-week old fetus that is dead in her womb to give birth to that dead tissue, which is a risk to her health, rather than have surgery? The sanctity of the living is protected. Should a mother die first, rather than harm a bundle of cells, or live to mother her children that are alive?

    Posted by: NimbleGreg
  • Simply because abortion is legalized doesn't mean that life is not held in high regard.

    Legalizing abortion in a region does not necessarily mean that the people of that community do not believe that life is no longer important. Abortion is legal because these people in fact believe that life does not begin at conception, but rather at some point after. People still love and defend all life in this region.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • Yes, because it is the woman's choice, not society's, whether or not to bring a child into this world.

    The sanctity of life is something truly precious. That is why, when a woman is pregnant, she should have the choice of whether or not her child can be properly taken care of. I think it is better to wait to have a child until you're ready, rather than to feel forced to have one because of indoctrinated beliefs.

    Posted by: KaputFederico
  • Yes, because abortion is not necessarily a bad thing, and it has a place in the world.

    Abortion has a place in the world. It could be used for medical reasons, such as the mother's life being in danger. Or a situation such as in the case that the woman was raped, and then became pregnant. I do not believe abortion should be used as birth control, which it seems a lot of women use it for.

    Posted by: deceitfulx
  • Yes because a woman should not be a slave to your beliefs.

    I have to insist that forcing a woman to continue an unwanted pregnancy because you don't agree is a form of slavery. A woman's body should not be made her prison just because your beliefs disagree. Freedom of the right to believe what you wish is constitutionally civil so to not allow a woman the right to believe that abortion is not in fact murder and therefore have the right to have one must be allowed in a country of free choice.

  • Yes, because the countries that allow abortions are looking at a much bigger picture than just faith.

    I know many people who were raised in homes of parents who didn't want them, or grew up in foster homes because they were too old to be adopted. While I don't think they should have never been born, it's cruel to have a child in a world that doesn't want them. Besides, sometimes the mother's health and mental state needs to be taken into account as well.

    Posted by: CBrenna
  • I believe the dignity and sanctity of life is upheld in societies where abortion is legalized because the mother is the living, breathing human being required to make those decisions.

    This is a situation of one life needing to choose whether or not another life will come into this world. It is through her body, mind and spirit that this will take place. Her decision to end life or not actually support the sanctity of life by allowing her to fully support any life she chooses to bring into this world. This allows for support of the woman for the decisions she makes, thus supporting her life.

    Posted by: ArielS
  • When abortion is not a crime and has been legalized, then the dignity and sanctity of life would naturally be upheld.

    In most of the countries all across the world, abortion has been legalized and in those countries dignity and sanctity is naturally upheld. There may be exceptions in some of the Asian countries where the society may have a bad opinion about the lady opting for the abortion but that is of very short and temporary nature. Just think of the circumstances, the girl going in for the abortion may have been the victim of the rape, or cheated by the boyfriend, etc.

    Posted by: babyphatgurl
  • The dignity and sanctity of life is upheld in societies where abortion has been legalized.

    Yes, I agree that the dignity and sanctity of life is upheld in societies where abortion has be legalized. Abortion is not any criminal act but it has some issues on moral background because it is a sin according to some religion. The dignity and sanctity of life is upheld in societies because there is no such offense if abortion helps in restoring and starting new life for the women.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Abortion is an act that takes a life and, therefore, dignity and sanctity of life isn't upheld in societies where abortion has been legalized.

    Abortion is wrong on all levels, and not something that can be justified when examining one's Christian faith. Since one's faith is what life is all about, the dignity and sanctity of life can't be upheld when allowing abortion to continue. Abortion is the act of taking a life for personal reasons, and this act can't be justified, no matter what the reason is. The person who will no longer exist has no choice in the matter, and has nothing to do with any of the circumstances, except that they are trying to come into the world. Abortion is ungodly and should be unlawful, and it definitely hinders recognizing the sanctity of life.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • How can the slaughter of innocents uphold the sanctity of life?

    An unborn child should be safe and protected in the womb of its mother and, given the chance for life, as his parents before them were given, that opportunity. It is a horror to think about the innocent and helpless victim being cut up, piece by piece, and sucked out of his safe haven. This is an atrocity, and there is no dignity in the massacre of the innocents.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I believe that the dignity and sanctity of life is threatened in societies where there is legalized abortion, because it neglects the right of the child.

    Abortion seems to be the first step in desensitizing a society to the sanctity of life. I say this because it seems that the only rights that are being upheld are that of the women and men involved in the decision. Believing as I do, that a person is given a soul from the moment of conception, I do not buy into the argument that there is not "real life" in the womb until a certain number of months has passed. In essence, I don't subscribe the idea that it is a non-functioning entity. What worries me is that someday it may be considered acceptable to end a person's life who is no longer a functioning member of society.

    Posted by: P0ngCuII
  • Countries with legal abortion do not uphold either the dignity or sanctity of life because it allows the destruction of innocent unborn children.

    In countries where abortion has been legalized the dignity and sanctity of life has not been upheld. Children in the womb feel pain, can hear, have a heartbeat and can think and learn and move about. Killing such a person is terrible and destroys the sanctity of life. In addition, in countries throughout Europe as abortion has been legalized, so has other formally taboo practices such as drugs, prostitution, porn, and gambling. These activities hurt individuals and plague families. The two are related in that once you legalize abortion, it is used for birth control. It eliminates a consequence for sexual activity, instead of being reserved for married people, abortion opens sex up to non-committed people. If a person can perform sex acts without love or commitment then other vices seem trivial. The governments capitalized on this by legalizing other vices to raise money. This circle of bad behavior ultimately hurts the dignity of individuals and life. Furthermore, by allowing abortion, the State has given itself the power to define who is a person, who can live and die. This is a slippery slope because technology now allows potential parents to screen out those that would have been born by aborting the baby. For example, in many cultures male children are more valued than female offspring. By legalizing abortion for any reason, countries have opened the door for reasons such as choosing the sex of a child.

    Posted by: 54mP5KryPto
  • Abortion does not uphold the dignity of life because it inflicts pain and death on a living human being.

    Abortion does not uphold the dignity of life because scientific research has proven that the fetus can feel pain at only a few weeks after conception. Since humans cannot determine the exact moment at which the fetus becomes independently viable, humans have no right to inflict pain and death upon a living human being.

    Posted by: w00dwitch
  • Abortion is an act that completely disrespects the dignity of life. It is impossible to value human life while at the same time sanctioning the taking of human life.

    It's impossible to use words like respect and value in the same sentence with abortion. It is absolutely impossible to value, respect, or uphold the dignity of human life and then at the same time legalize taking of life. Those two concepts are diametrically opposed to one another. One must choose to either uphold the dignity of human life or destroy human life, there is no middle ground on this issue.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • I believe that abortion kills a human being and this certainly does not uphold the dignity of life.

    Since I believe that life begins at conception, I do not believe that abortion holds up the dignity of life. Many women who had abortions early in life live with guilt for the rest of their life and this certainly is detrimental to their ?dignity of life.? With all of the reliable birth control methods available today, it would seem to me to be more dignified to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than to abort one!

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Not even subliminal.

    Even though all the feeding of the American minds with violence toward other humans is not subliminal, the negative effect is often on the subconscious mind. Therefore, we Americans don't walk around saying, "kill, kill, kill", but the idea that human life is not sacred has been planted and given the right circumstances (or should I say the "wrong" circumstances) a person will act with out remorse to end a innocent life.

  • opportunities and decisions

    Most of the time women and men have opportunities to have a child and you have decisions. You can make good or bad decisions. Abortion is a bad decision. Everyday someone goes to jail for killing another but people who get abortions its the same cause you are keeping having a chance in life but they don't go to jail so how does that different from killing thy neighbor? If u are do not need or want a child why be in that choice? They are just innocent they aren't even given a chance

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