Is the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 clearly an act of terrorism?

Asked by: altongregory
  • Terrorist hijacking possible

    Last knownheading was north/northwest possibly indicating destination was middle east or east europe. Aircraft could successfully evade country airspace if person in control knows what he is doing. Since no hostage demands or manifestos issued or group claimed credit todate possibly indicates passengers/crew have been eliminated. Aircraft taken for use as carrier for a device possibly n, c, or b to target western nation. MO appears to indicate muslim terrorist involvment.

  • Planes just don't disappear

    A plane cannot simply disappear from a radar without trace and still be intact. I think the only possible explanation is that the plane exploded mid-flight. This accounts for the oil spills and the sudden loss of contact. The stolen passports show how easily individuals under fake documentation can board flights.

  • Yes it is

    Clearly this is an act of terrorism. It was just revealed on CNN that the person that bought the tickets with the stolen passports was Iranian. I, of course understand that not all Iranians are terrorists but I would expect to hear confirmation of this as a act of terrorism once they are actually able to find the wreckage and corresponding black box.

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