Is the discovery of a suicidal palm tree in Madagascar a huge discovery?

  • Yes, it contributes to our understanding of the known world.

    Many people recognize suicide as something that happens among humans when life becomes too much to bear. The discovery of a suicidal palm tree calls that belief into question. It helps us understand how species other than humans respond to their environment. Spectabilis, part of the suicidal tree's classification name of Tahina spectabilis, means "spectacular" in Latin. This tree is spectacular, indeed, for expanding our knowledge of who and what commits suicide.

  • Wait... What?... Something stupid? Let's take a look!

    Hmm let me think... I'll right i have your answer... When i was looking around for opinions to take a dump on and past this one like 5 time... Then decided to read it...Then still past it up... And only ounce i was bored enough did i actually click on the discussion... I think that speaks for its self on how huge this "discovery" was...

  • Plants Cannot Think

    A tree that is suicidal is not much of a discovery because plants do not have the capability for conscious, intellectual thought. While plants may exhibit certain behaviors, such a shedding leaves during the winter, those behaviors are biologically instinctive. This would be like saying honey bees are suicidal when they sting.

  • The discovery of a suicidal palm tree and Madagascar is not a huge discovery

    While the discovery of a suicidal palm tree and Madagascar is interesting, it is not necessarily a huge discovery. The focus should be on the palm trees mental state so somebody can help the palm tree not commit suicide. Every life is worth living, even a palm tree. Maybe the palm tree should seek psychiatric help.

  • No, Madagascar's suicidal palm tree is not a huge discovery.

    From what I can ascertain, the suicidal palm tree mentioned was discovered in Madagascar in 2008. I suppose if you are a botanist in search of new varieties of trees that have escaped us finding them, you might be excited but it is my opinion that the rest of the world would not consider the tree to be a huge discovery.

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