Is the Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa responsible for the attack?

  • Yes, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is responsible for the attack

    Yes, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is responsible for the attack. The resort did not do enough to prevent the attack. Proper security measures to prevent this type of attack were not taken. If these security measures had been taken, the attack may not have happen at the resort.

  • Gator attack was Disney's fault

    A two-year-old was carried off by a gator at Walt Disney World in Florida. The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, one of the biggest and most well-known properties at the Park, is directly responsible for this incident. They did not have the proper security measures in place to prevent tragic gator-human interactions.

  • Hell no its not Disney's fault

    Disney can not possibly be held responsible for this. Like I mentioned in the title its not Disney's fault alligators live in Florida so this is a risk that u take when going there. Also where were the parents? It does not look like the parents were watching the child to closely.

  • Can anyone really control wildlife?

    Short of exterminating the alligators, there's virtually no way to stop them from getting into any natural or semi-natural body of water in Florida. That state is a wonderful environment for wildlife in general and alligators in particular. Trying to keep them out of a lake would be next to impossible. Parents wishing to minimize this threat should look for manmade indoor bodies of water, like a swimming pool.

  • Blame doesn't help

    I hate the idea of casting blame on anyone in an event like this. There were signs posted prohibiting swimming in the area where the attack happened. The family was merely wading in the water, and probably had no idea the dangers of being in the water. It was a tragic accident in which no one is to blame.

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