Is the divine healing aspect of Pentecostalism endangering the health of believers?

  • They are letting people die because faith healing doesn't work

    I picture the person sitting in a flood, atop a house, waiting for god to save them. Telling the boatman that god will save him. Telling the helicopter pilot that god will save him. When he lands at the pearly gates, he speaks out to god, asking 'why did you not save me?'

    God's response, of course, is that he sent him a boat and a helicopter, what more does he want?

    At the crux of this whole thing is that if you believe all things come from god, our curiosity about the human body, and our ever-reaching attempts to understand the genome so that we can fix ourselves, also stem from god. To take faith healing over our supposedly god-given ability to piece out the structure of the human body and heal it, is just like the story above.

  • Could be dangerous

    The divine healing aspects of Pentecostalism is endangering the health of some believers. This is happening because some members are seeking professional medical help at a time when they need to because they believe they do not need to rely on doctors. The leaders of the church need to encourage members to seek treatment.

  • Yes, the Pentecostalism belief of diving healing is harmful to believers.

    I think that the Pentecostalism belief of divine healing is endangering the health of believers. When people bypass a medical treatment in the hopes that a cure can be attained by the word of God, it can definitely be harmful and put lives at risk. I think that people should be wary of such claims.

  • No, Pentecostals' believe in divine healing is not harmful to their health.

    No, the belief that Pentecostals have in divine healing is not harming their health. If they refused to go to the doctor when sick, that would be harmful, but they add their belief in divine healing to a healthy respect for the power that doctors can bring to the healing process.

  • If they are healed, good for them.

    No, the divine healing aspect of Pentecostalism is not endangering the health of believers, because if a believer can be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit, that is a positive for them. Diving healing is a wonderful, powerful thing when the Holy Spirit offers it. The Pentecostals balance science and faith in a remarkable way.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the divine healing aspect of Pentecostalism is endangering the health of believers. In my experience, faith in healing is very important as I've seen some people take on cancer and survive, and it would seem, despite the medical care, the only thing that kept them going was the will to do so. The few people I know who follow Pentecostal principals don't take blind faith over medical care.

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