• Helpful To An Extent

    The drive to achieve is very helpful to a child. It teaches them to want something and helps them to be competitive. This drive will help them compete for jobs and positions in the real world. Succeeding teaches the child confidence and self worth. However, if the child learns to be competitive to the point that he/she only cares about winning, this can be detrimental.The child will learn that winning is the only thing that matters and will get nothing else from the situation.

  • Kids Need Play

    I believe the drive to achieve can be harmful to children especially if it is used as the core purpose for all of their activities. I believe we put too much focus on success and then go too far in defining it as well. I believe if children are constantly pushed to achieve they can become misguided.

  • No the drive to highly acheive is not harmful to children.

    The development of the drive to highly achieve is not a harmful trait for a child to have. Children who have the desire and are driven to achieve success in their chosen area of interest most often go on to become successful, productive members of the community. However the drive to achieve is dependent on proper motivation.

  • No, the drive to achieve does not harm children

    Like almost anything in the world extremes of strongly encouraging children to achieve can cause harm in certain cases, however in general instilling the drive to achieve in children is beneficial both for them and to society in general. The desire to achieve is key in the progression of a child's development, and therefore serves to enhance rather than harm their well being.

  • Some just not too much

    We do need to drive children to achieve and push them to their interests in order to show them strong work ethic and drive. However, they need to not drive them too much to cause a lot of stress on the child. There needs to be a balance between the two.

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