• I can find 200 proofs of it.

    Random proof: the earth is said to spin at 1,000 mph, but planes can't just take off either due north or south, wait for their stop to come around and land at their destination, effectively saving fuel and hours of travel. Moving runways are always fun too. Gravity, light years, other inhabitable planets... Its all fairy tales. Science has become a religion, believe wahat you are told.

  • I thought this was established.

    I guess this proves that there is no limits to stupidity. I don't believe there is someone out there who posted this question. Please God let this be troll. PLEASE! Because my faith in humanity is in the negatives right now. Please, someone, tell me this is a troll now!

  • The earth is a sphere

    The earth is not flat. Looking it up on Google would say it. In the past when many thought that the earth was flat, and if you sail too far you'll fall off the edge of the earth(either way gravity would prevent that), it's all nonsense. Looking at a globe would show that the earth is a sphere and would be easier to see.

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