• There is a point at which our current knowledge is limited.

    All the theories provided by scientists for the creation of the universe require as much, if not more, faith as the idea of an intelligent force doing the same. Go back far enough and scientists can't prove anything.

    The big bang theory is the most widely accepted explanation for how the universe formed. How did it happen though? What caused the expansion to occur? Where did the singularity come from? Even if the brane theory is correct, where did the branes come from? What caused them to collide and produce our universe?

    The biblical account is most likely a metaphorical, not a literal, timeline. Technically the Bible never says the world is 6,000 years old, nor does it define what a day was at the time of creation (days are defined later in the Bible).

  • Yes, the Earth was created

    Many people cite Darwin's revolutionary evolutionary theories behind the formation of people and planets. I do not disagree with his concepts, they are incredible elegant; however, this does not mean that there was some intelligent creative force behind the laws of nature, including evolution. The earth is a product of creativity, designed for many purposes that I do not know.

  • Yes it is.

    Yes, I do believe the earth is the product of creation. I believe God created the earth for us to live on, care for and enjoy. The idea that it just popped into being one day seems highly unlikely and very far fetched to me. I believe it was designed and created by an intelligent creator.

  • Follow the Science.

    The earth was formed from a planetary nebula. We already know, for a fact, that matter in space tends to clump together. This is proven anytime an astronaut brings a bag of spices to the ISS. The spices in that bag always tend to clump together in a ball.

    So this is how the earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

  • The Earth Evolved and Wasn't Created

    The Earth evolved from it's origins as a planet that went through several scientific phases. In my opinion, I believe that most humans evolved from other species on the planet because they were separated from each other by impassable land masses. Then humans changed.

    The Earth evolved from one large land mass into smaller and smaller ones. These land masses were able to start and continue their own biospheres supporting plants, animals, etc. Over time natural wonders have proven the age of the Earth (and events) to be much older than what religion every told us it was.

  • There is overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the fact that the Earth was not a product of creation.

    Geologists have been pulling rocks and fossils out of the Earth for years and years. Each item is then carbon dated and recorded on a geological timeline. Carbon dating is an accurate way to measure how old something is, therefor it is widely used throughout the scientific community. This timeline extends far beyond the dates stated in any religion text.

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