• Yes Silly Christians

    Christianity was created after Judaism which is younger than paganism. The point is the bunny means sex and in christianity it means something foolish. Christians please go talk to a Free Mason they will tell you this holiday is pagan. Please go read something that was not written by christians.

  • Yes, the Easter Bunny is Pagan because Easter was originally Pagan.

    A long time ago, before there was Palm Sunday, Good Friday or empty tombs, there was Eostre. Eostre, or Eastre in Old English, was a fertility goddess of Germanic origins worshiped by Pagan Anglo-Saxons. Spring festivals in her honor incorporated symbols involving new life and fertility such as flowers, eggs and yes- bunnies. The Christian celebration of Christ's resurrection was originally referred to as "Paschal month." As Christianity swept through Europe, many Pagans were converted, either peacefully or by force. Customs that were originally Pagan were often incorporated into Christian practices as a means to make the conversion a little more palatable.

  • In a sense, Easter is a Pagan holiday.

    Most holidays that we know of today have pagan origins. Even Christmas started off as a pagan holiday before Christianity took it over and created a new definition for it. The Easter holiday was a pagan holiday before the intervention of Christianity and thus the Easter Bunny is indeed a pagan. Although it is quite silly to classify a anthropomorphic character as belonging to a certain religion.

  • No the Easter Bunny is not pagan.

    No, I do not believe that the Easter Bunny is pagan. I believe that the Easter Bunny is an integral part of Easter, but in a more secular way and less in a pagan way. I believe that the Easter Bunny is to Easter what Santa clause is Christmas in a secular sense and not in a pagan sense.

  • No, the Easter Bunny is not pagan.

    Pagan means relating to a polytheistic religion. Sometimes religious people use it to mean "immoral" or to describe things that contradict their religious views. The Easter Bunny isn't either of these. If anything, the Bunny's a secular aspect of a religious holiday. Some may be uncomfortable from getting away from the true religious aspect of Easter and if so, they don't ever have to "let" the Easter Bunny visit their kids!

    The Easter Bunny's just a secular and traditional part of a religious holiday. Many who don't believe in the religious aspect of Easter may still celebrate it culturally. If anything negative, the Easter Bunny could represent corporations trying to make feel people obligated to spend more money, but there's nothing "pagan" about it.

  • No. I do not think so that Easter Bunny is pagan.

    Considering the Easter Bunny does not actually exist, I do not think he is pagan. The idea of the Easter Bunny is just something parents tell their children to get them excited for the holiday. Having a little mystery keeps children happy and hopeful for a bright and special holiday.

  • What? What the...

    I think that this may go down as one of the stupidest things that I have ever read on the internet. The easter bunny is not even real, so how are we going to hope to sit here and debate about whether or not he can be considered pagan or what not.

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