• First chemistry, now biology...

    Yes, they are planning to do terrorism with ebola and any biological weapon. Their previous attempts to use IEDs and suicide bombing were chemistry... Now they're turning to biology.

    See the evidence below:

    Google 'ebola terrorism chat room':


    from chat room to dry run:

    Google 'ebola terrorism marshal'


    Everyone, get knowledgeable about what to do in the event there is an outbreak, because knowing what to do and doing the right thing on a mass scale is what is needed to prevent outbreak from spreading....


  • GOAL ONE - Overwhelm the system

    America is known as the country that sends aid during an emergency or natural disaster - and this can give us a false level of security. All I need to mention is Katrina. The disaster was so complete that it overwhelmed our systems and brought down a major US city which still years later has not come close to rebuilding.
    If twenty terrorists were exposed to Ebola a few hours before boarding a flight into the US - all headed for a different US city - and all focused on exposing as many people as possible, without letting onto their infection our medical systems could be overwhelmed. If they focused on the underserved population - the homeless, those in a subway, drug users - right as the flu begins to kick in around the nation (which might mask the first infections allowing the sick a few extra days of infecting others). Then a surprise Ebola infection is reported and they can't link to Africa - then another 500 miles away - then 8, then 20, then 100, than a 1000 new infections being reported in cities as spread out as Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC - all about the same time. This would cause mass hysteria. We would contain it eventually, but the cost in human lives, the downward spin of the economy, the distrust of your neighbor, the kids pulled from school, the lack of visits to the mall, the initial run on the grocery store, followed by no food, nobody would go to work, nothing would ship with UPS or FedEx. It could become very nasty, very quickly. Just 20 little people with a plan could create a pandemic few of us has ever experienced.
    I read the members of the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo, who released sarin into the Tokyo Subway back in 1995 - had made a trip to Africa during a past Ebola outbreak with the intent of collecting specimens to be used in an attack similar to the Tokyo Subway. People have thought about this many years ago. I would be very surprised if there were not several groups trying to figure out how to coordinate this type of attack at this very moment. It is one of the few things that gives me concern today.

  • It only takes one

    One person infected, draw their blood. Use the blood to infect 1 or more terrorists. Infect them just before they get on the plane so they are a symptomatic when they land. Target hospitals, schools, Universities and the homeless. Also, target dense populations, India, Hong Kong, NY, London, Paris. I am surprised it has not happened yet, but give it a few weeks.

  • Is the Ebola Virus a substantial threat to be used as a terrorist weapon?

    Of course it is. Imagine twenty suicide biological infection agents begging on various transit systems around the country, contacting homeless people, enrolling in colleges and language programs, touching other susceptible individuals and staying in public locations. Apparently many new western recruits could function in this way. It would seem very unlikely that ISIS et al have not begun or initiated an attack. This is a golden opportunity to Martyr oneself and make 9/11 look like child's play.

  • The fooled citizens of USA

    Tons and tons of illegal drugs enter the United States every year if not weekly. Thousands of people enter the USA daily unchecked for decades. Human traffickers smuggle humans into the USA by the hundreds daily for slave labor, sex trade, and God knows what. You'd be a very very naive person to think the crazies of the world cannot penetrate our borders via air, or simply just walking across our very very non secure borders to carry out any sick missions they may want to carry out. Why the heck we pulled every last person out of Iraq is mind boggling and im still scratching my head on that which has allowed the these terrorists to gain a foot hold again. You have uneducated Africans who are dumping the deceased ebola victims into the rivers and contaminating the waters and food chains as well as allowing the crazies a direct way to access the ebola strain to be used for spreading the virus. It is a no brainer that access to the virus is easy to obtain...Ya its not a pretty situation at all...God help us all.

  • Yes it will

    If you were a terrorist you would get affected and fly to dense population centres around the world; don't just think the US think India, China, Hong Kong. Basically spread it at hub airports around the world and then let nature take it's course. Very scary.
    The other factor to consider is that the virus will mutate; lets hope it isn't going to become capable of spreading by air . . . . .

  • Definitely, too easy

    These terrorists kill themselves in many ways so why not this one. And no, right now there is no cure so right now today it could be used as a weapon. Contain it? Right now 1 guy gave it to 2 trained nurses.

    To easy to catch it. Fly to another country, then fly to this one. Heck, use a fake passport if they watch west Africa.

    Even if not many catch it, terrorism is about the terror, not just the killing.

  • It's easier than their other past efforts.

    If I'm a terrorist mastermind, with hundreds of fanatic followers at my disposal, I send them East Africa to kiss some dying ebola patients. Then, since Obama hasn't stopped flights from East Africa to the US, I send one infected terrorist to each major city in the US. All they will need is a couple hundred dollars to spend visiting buffets til they die, making sure they sneeze and spit in as much mashed potatoes and cole slaw at each restaurant.

    If they spent years learning how to fly airliners into buildings, this would be a piece of cake.

  • Yes they will use it

    We`ve only thought these kind of ideas were only existed in game what-so-ever, but now, it`s reality. Ebola likes to be in Dark, Cold places, and subway station is way to go. If Ebola hit`s subway station, as you know, it will spread to many, even millions of people existing in that station. Not only that, mice will spread Ebola throughout the city, restaurants, basically everywhere which mice can reach. Ticks that bite the mice, masquitos, and everything that bites them will bite us and spread Ebola. Basically, it will be a living hell.

  • Yes it is a threat

    I think it spreads easier than they are saying. With this new infection of a healthcare worker while wearing full PPE, demonstrates the ease at which Ebola can be spread. The argument that we can contain this because our government will protect us will be our undoing. The terrorists are watching, learning and planning. We had one infected person travel to the US who was infected, and this has dominated our media. Now that a nurse that was treating him who had been trained and wearing all her PPE could get infected I assure you they are going to if not already planning an attack . With the continuous media coverage they will get maximum terror with the least amount of effort and cost.

  • While it could be dangerous, there are far more deadly bio threats.

    In a second or third world country Ebola could be a possible threat. But in any of the larger, well established countries it would not. We would have ways of treating an outbreak and would be able to quarantine it a lot more efficiently. Ebola would not be a concern to me.

  • Ebola Virus Substantial

    I personally think that the Ebola virus will ever be used in this world as a terrorist weapon. I personally think that there will be ways of curing this disease to easy, so that no one will be affected to bad even if they catch it, so its not good.

  • We have defenses.

    No, the Ebola virus is not a substantial threat to be used as a terrorist weapon, because we already have enough defenses. Our country and our local health departments know how to respond to an Ebola virus. Terrorists would not get very far using a disease that we already know how to defend ourselves against.

  • It is not

    No, I do not think that the Ebola virus will ever be used in this world as a terrorist weapon. I think that there will be ways of curing this desease to easy, so that no one will be affected to bad even if they catch it, so its not good.

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