• Those Who Lack Money

    I do believe the economic recession is a contributor to the crime in the United States. I believe this because there are a lot of people, such as myself, who are trying to raised a family where two incomes do not work. This is especially true for families who can only find low income work. When you live in a world that's built on consumerism, where you're told you must buy to be happy, lacking money is a serious problem. Getting close to Christmas time, our town experienced gas station robberies, which quickly halted after the season.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I believe that anytime there is an economic recession anywhere in the world that crime goes up. There are more people who have to steal and commit illegal activities to make ends meet. A contributor might also be that having no or less money makes people more unhappy and quicker to snap in a fight or argument.

  • Yes, recession contributes to crime as jobs become unavailable and people become desparate.

    I believe economic recession contributes greatly to the level of crime in this country. With economic recession, jobs are lost, no new jobs are available, people lose hope, become depressed and eventually, many turn to crime as the only way to exist. Since this most recent recession began, meth labs and home robberies have increased significantly in both urban and rural areas.

  • Down Times Means More Crime

    When the economy is down and times are tough, of course crime rates go up as violence spikes. The Great Recession means more people are out of work and angry. That anger spills over into other facets of society such as crime and injustice. The recession, as with other economic calamities, increase crime in general when people get mad at other people and start hitting each other.

  • The recession is bad, but not as bad as advertised.

    The recession is being blamed for the increased US crime rate. This is an incorrect assumption. While jobs are more scarce, and unemployment is high, it is not high enough to validate crime. Particularly because of all the social programs available. Help is out there for those that seek it. Yes, there is a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy involved with this aid. This is to avoid corruption and system abuse. Fill out the paperwork, and wait a few weeks. Help is out there. There are many people paid to assist you in finding it. Crime is not the answer, unless you need to support other criminal activities such as drugs.

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