• An increase in employment rates and decrease in housing foreclosures indicates an economic recovery.

    The economy has been slowly recovering thanks to government bailouts, job creation, and the lowering of mortgage rates. While I was uneasy with the bailouts provided, it was the only way to stop a full depression. As banks have found their footing with the lowering of mortgage rates and working with those in trouble to avoid foreclosures, the economy has very slowly been recovering. A slight increase in employment rates has also helped with recovery. I would say the economic recovery is real, though it is not a full recovery.

  • economic recovery process

    A lot of nation have been hit hard by the economic crises in recent times but the tides have slowly changed the course. Many nation previously suffering have shown glimpses of hope after a long barren run. Yes, the world economy as a whole is heading to the right direction.

  • Several trends indicate an acceptable recovery

    The economic recovery is real and underway. There are several trends that indicate this reality such as more consumers spending and a slight increase in house purchase. The decline in unemployment rate is also a good indicator for the recovery. A full recovery will however not be effective for a few more days/months.

  • The economy is far from getting back on track

    In 20 years of being on my own, the last few years have been the most economically difficult for my family. The cost of healthcare, the lack of decent paying jobs, the increased number of small businesses being unable to hire or retain employees and the increase in food and gas prices all contribute to my belief that the economic recovery the media and our government to promote is just smoke and mirrors.

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