• The economy is getting better at a snails crawl.

    With the economy taking so many hits over the past decade, it takes a lot to get the economy back on track. The hidden truth is that the economy is getting better, corporations are posting record profit wins for their companies. The problem, however, lies in the corporations inability to pass the savings back to the people. Companies have done nothing to really lessen the burden on people while they take advantage of the high prices and the need for certain products. Food steadily goes up as the populous income steadily remains the same. The economy would be showing better growth if it were not for purposely inflated prices and a sequester that has shoppers feeling the government created pinch in their pockets.

  • I think slightly so.

    I think the economy is getting better in the sense that unemployment has dropped; however, I think the small percentage of this country just keeps gouging the middle class in all areas of their lives so that true economic progress is nearly impossible. It is the middle earners that spend their money, and they don't have any to spend.

  • It's definitely getting better as the recovery strengthens

    Our economy has added nearly 7 million jobs, that's 39 consecutive months of job growth. The housing marking is also back, stocks are up and deficits are dropping. This President will go down as one of the best presidents despite the obstructionism and gridlock by congress. The real unemployment rate is 12 percent although the nation's unemployment rate is 7.5 percent.

  • Yes, by a stable amount

    Well, you have to look at where we were in 2009 or so. We had unemployment at 10%, the country was starting to have major doubts about the administration's abilities. We were in horrible condition and it looked like we are on the track to a European level unemployment rate. Now the rate is going down, and is at 7.5%. We are adding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, the market is booming (even if the FED is aiding it), and the housing market is back up. If things continue like this, we MIGHT be around 5% unemployment my 2016. And that is not bad considering what the rate was at just 6 or so years before.

  • Slowly but surely

    The economy is getting better because the costs are being regulated and people are finally spending more. There are a lot more new businesses coming up that will help the economy and we can be a little less conservative to help out as well. Yes we need to save our money but at times we can give and help the less fortunate for a greater reward.

  • Oh how ungrateful we all can be

    Of course the economy is getting better. Two wars are all but over, housing market is going up, jobs are getting added every month, and the stock market is the highest it has been in the history of our country. We all forget that just 5 years ago a 100 year old company was closing down just about every other day and the stock market was less than half of what it is today. Our country was LOSING a million jobs every 2 months and no one had any clue how bad it could get. Now that it is recovering we want to complain it's not fast enough? That would be like coming out of a concentration camp after almost starving to death and complaining about getting a burger instead of steak. With us here in America it's never enough........

  • I believe the economy is getting better

    I believe the economy is getting better because despite republicans every attempt to halt progress we have had consecutive job growth every month since Obama has been in office. And because we saved the us auto industry which republicans said let die they are now posting record profits and we saved a lot of jobs doing it. Also housing prices are on the rise and the stocks are soaring and us manufacturing is doing good although it could have been better if the Republicans didn't block the American jobs act and the bring jobs back home act. Also because of Obama care tax payers will save a fortune and our deficit will be reduced. All in all this is why I think our economy is getting better.

  • Very slowly, yes

    The economy is improving at an agonizingly slow pace largely due to the joy of having a GOP majority in any part of the government, but it's still technically improving. It can't at the desired rate when a group of clowns that exist for no purpose other than to obstruct everything put in front of them have a voice, but despite their best efforts, it's still getting better. The pace is barely noticeable as it's being dragged out so much, but the numbers do indicate a good trend.

  • So much wrong

    Where to begin? Obamacare is gouging money, and making businesses reluctant to hire workers, gdp is low and aenemic compared to other recoveries in the united states history. 1/3 of people aren't participating in the workforce. There are no real jobs out there. I graduated college June of 2013 in a stem field. Radiation Science to be exact, and have since applied to over 300 places with no job offer what so ever. I don't understand how 62% of people can think the economy is getting better.

  • The economy is flat.

    The unemployment numbers are skewed. If you haven't found a job in six months or are discouraged you are not part of the labor force. Also, many companies are only temporarily hiring people which will not boost the economy. I have a college degree and still can't find work I only know of two grads to get hired. So, I've continued my education to increase my chances of employment. The stock has only reported record gains because of quantitive easing in which the fed buys assets from the private sector. They probably are selling bonds to increase the money supply. At the rate we are going it could take generations to pay off the debt or get it back to where it was pre-Bush. The country has funded two wars and gives aid to countries. That is money we really don't have.

  • Can you find a job? I can't.

    I cant find a job anywhere. Not even at McDonalds, which is extremely insulting. I've been checking up on my applications at fast food jobs and retail stores, but with no luck. Most places say they'll call me back, but they won't. If I do get an interview they tell me they'll call me back, but never do. This economy makes me want to commit suicide!

  • Long term actions will keep us from long term gaining.

    With our Deficit continuing to go up, we will eventually reach a point where we will run up against a wall. The amount of people not working is too high and needs to decrease. The amount of people on assistance has increased and needs to decrease. We are setting ourselves up to fail. We have lees people contributing and more being asked from those that do. The only reason things aren't worse right now is that we're eating our seed corn.

  • It won't be getting better for a couple of years

    There are many factors in determining the state of the economy. But Most are not looking good. The actual government statics are very shady. But with the most recent job reports for March of 2013 The state of the economy looks very grim. Yeah the rate went down to 7.6 but only 88,000 jobs were created but close to 500,000 people were no longer considered in that report.

  • The economy is getting worse.

    You can't have a deficit every year, accrue debt, and devalue your currency forever without experiencing an economy that deteriorates. The private industry knows that our federal government has done nothing to reduce our national debt and fix our monetary policy, and as a result they know that our economy is unstable and are waiting for the worst to happen. It may not happen soon, but because they don't know, they do not have stability, and therefore cannot predict what will happen from year to year. When a business cannot predict their future, they don't expand, hence less jobs and less growth.

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