• Printing money from nothing

    And with zero interest rates, a real unemployment of 23 % in the US, total liabilities of more that 100 trillions, manipulation of the commodities for encouraging the people to gamble in the stock exchange, the crash doesn't happens when the economy is starting to get back, happens when it is about to die

  • It's completely obvious.

    The numbers don't lie. We dug a hole that we cannot get out of. There's a record-setting debt sitting on our shoulders, the existence of our dollar is depending on other countries that are going to eventually turn the other cheek, etc. The government is even preparing by buying 1.6 billion bullets because when it hits, people get desperate and do whatever it takes. We at the point of no return.

  • More people are dependent upon the government, and poverty is rising at an alarming rate.

    Our government thought it was a good idea to keep free trade agreements with countries like Mexico and China. These trade agreements allowed us to export our good manufacturing jobs in exchange for cheap goods. Our country is transforming into a service economy. The service jobs don't pay nearly as much as the manufacturing jobs they replaced. This leads to a few problems. More people are making less money and qualify for government assistance. Our government also collects less tax revenue. As a result of these two conditions, our government's deficits will continue to grow. This will prompt the Federal Reserve to continue Quantitative Easing (printing lots of money) to keep interest rates low. The printing of money causes inflation which causes more people to become dependent upon the government, and it leads to a viscous death spiral we are in currently experiencing.

    We are currently the worlds reserve currency. Another problem with Quantitative Easing is that it manipulates our currency. When our debts keep increasing and our currency is continuously manipulated, we will lose our status as the world's reserve currency. Our money will be worthless once that happens. People will starve on the streets because of the greed of people and the stupidity of our government.

  • No, it is not going to collapse.

    The United State's economy will not collapse. The structure is not that weak, and it's progress is unmistakable. We are too strong. Scientists and other experts fear too much, and they may be correct that the threat is serious, but that is why we have a government that we can trust and who love their jobs to prevent this. When a serious issues arrives they will unite and forget whether their constituency is red or blue, and do the right thing.

  • Not again if we the right things

    The U.S economy is rebuilding itself after the recession but it still fundamentally strong in many areas. It is not robust or cripple but it is making progress and not going downwards as many feared. More jobs are continually being added each month to all sectors of the economy so that's a good sign of growth not collapse.

  • No, the Economy is Solid, Even On a Bad Day

    No, the economy is not going to collapse. The economy is not one static thing, it's a huge thing made up of many other things, with all sorts of factors that affect it. Even on a bad day, there will be ups and downs in the economy, created by the ebb and flow of all those factors that affect it.

  • No Headline, Just Common Sense.

    There are too many protections in place. The system is not weak enough to spontaneously collapse due to recent instability. Only conspiracy theory idiots believe that it will collapse. If you do even the most rudimentary research on those who claim collapse is imminent, you will discover that you are being sold something. Jim Rickards, Alex Jones and all the other tin foil hat wearing pin heads are used car salesmen! "Sorry" to legitimate used car salesmen.

  • We are a STRONG Society & BELIEVE we're gonna make it...But not by the skin of our teeth!

    I did watch "Rebuild the Dream" Van Jones' presentation, and it gives me great hope that finally people are beginning to wake up, and are ready to join a nation-wide movement. I'm very impressed by what Van Jones is doing. My concern is that many of the groups that are doing a great job to try to wake people up, to engage in confronting the corruption in the system, may be caught off-guard and may not have a plan to deal with a more extreme situation (as the one I hypothesize about here).

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