Is the education system more important than health care?

  • Not Everyone has to be Healthy to be Educated

    Well, First of all the connations of Healthy are being well or fit and people with terminal illnesses can get educated. Someone does have cancer or diabetes and are child up till the ages of 5-18 they need to, By law, Go to school or have an education in the UK and 97% of children do that! I am living proof of a person that teaches Science and I have been educated while lying in hospital suffering cancer from birth.

  • Education is the mother of all knowledge including Health Education

    Health Education basically means giving out knowledge on wellness. Educated people can be able to prevent all possible causes of hazards. Health is more on what and how to treat a certain diseases. So, with good education, we can prevent diseases. Prevention is better than cure. Meaning that if we prevent there will be no more cure.

  • They are equally important

    If you do not have good health and if you injure yourself you might not be able to get the future career you wanted even though you had good education, and if you don't have good education you might not be able to do much good jobs or get good careers.

  • Education is more important

    With no education, there would be no doctors. With no doctors, there would be no healthcare. With no healthcare, all the sick people would just die even if they had a curable virus. ___________________- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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  • People Can't Learn Without Health Care!

    Think about this. Our ancestors thousands of years ago were perfectly healthy and had no form of education what so ever. (Except how to hunt animals and farm, etc) Today, however, things seem to be the opposite. More and more people are obese, smoke, etc, but know how to read and write and do their jobs and such. However, people die every year from health related problems that could be prevented. Heart Disease, which can be caused by obesity, claimed over half a million lives in 2010!

  • The more you Know

    Ignorant people are dangerous! Just look at any inner-city area in any country - typically more violent and of course, poorer. Education leads to better earning power and skills acquisition. Education gives the ability to settle conflicts reasonably and avoid violent confrontations. Education affords the individual access to understanding terms to make better medical and economic decisions.

  • Education leads to healthcare

    Without Education, how can we have healthcare services, doctors, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists? The base of it all starts from education. Although healthcare is equally important, I feel that Education is the basic root to have and support a healthcare in a country. With no education, people would not be able to learn and study about medical sciences and there would be no doctors, etc. working in the hospitals or clinics

  • Education is more important but that's absolutely no excuse to cut on health

    Without healthcare the sick would get no treatment. But the vast majority of people are not sick, and do not critically need regular healthcare. Health-care indirectly helps everyone; nearly everyone knows someone who has benefited from health-care.
    Education directly helps everyone. Without education you can't even train a doctor, let alone read, write and participate in a democracy.

    Education is an investment and benefits everyone, prior to the most productive period of their lives. Health-care saves far fewer young lives, and is generally of most benefit later in life.

    Living without healthcare is objectively better for society than living without education, because most of the benefits of education are provided earlier, while the benefits of health-care are usually required later in life.

    That is completely irrelevant though, because both education and health-care are critical to live in a healthy society. How can one feel proud to live in a country that leaves sick people without help. Both health-care and education are critical cover for everyone in society, and no one should be denied full access to either of them.

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  • Smarter working individuals

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Obamacare is communist, spreading the wealth,, where people who do not pay taxes get free healthcare while taxes are forced upwards for those who actually work and contribute to society.

  • Education is important because it help us to be more health

    Some people say health is first to educate well, That is fine. Others say education is first to be more healthy that is also fine. At the end both agree actually that health is first because education at this context is important because it help us to be more healthy so we turn again to health, So in my opinion health is first in any case.

  • People need to stay healthy to go to school so you have to fix that problem first.

    With you have no doctor then there is a big chance that the whole village can die from the illness. But if you don't have a teacher but you still have a nurse or doctor then your village there won't be an epidemic. That is why health is more important then education.

  • Both are important, but education is easier when you're healthy

    I feel both are important but what good is an education if you are not well enough to obtain one? It can be difficult to focus when one is unhealthy and taking the burden of healthcare debt would help lots of people who are crippled by debt as well as disease. Free healthcare would allow healthy people to better work, learn, and have a career.

  • Health is more important than education

    God gave us life,we should not throw it away for wealth,education or anything. (but you can throw it away if you can get the other option......... And get to run back and pick your "health" back up ROFL ('__') sadly you can't do that without throwing away the other option or like,#BREAK DA LAW OF PHYSICS

  • Health is most important than anything else.

    In my opinion education is really important in our life but it must be treated as a beneficiary source that gives rise to health care services. What's the need of education? For better life right . And what's life ? A period of certain days calculated as average of a human between the birth and death. So education is important for a better life ofcourse like it helps us to cope up with the changing times but how can one expect a life without healthcare ?!! In our modern times we have totally changed the meaning of education,it's objective or it's use ! For example a child is sent to school for education . Later we find that the child is really meritorious and we encourage him to study more. Why ? So that he may be beneficial as well the society is benificial from him in future. Then he grows in his age as well as in class. We put more and more pressure in him. For example he couldn't take the pressure and either he became mentally disordered or suicide. Now let's say he became mentally disordered but he came 1st in medical. In all papers he did first but due to his mental disorders he cannot treat patients,can't give injections and fears from it itself . So what's the important for that type of education ? It's a killer right? It's not that education is important but it's importance is limited upto the line when it will benifit our life and all life's factor whereas health care itself is a factor of life thsts get benifited from education.

  • Only a healthy person could be educated.

    A person who is healthy , can be educated.But what about a person who is unhealthy.To properly concentrate on studies it is important to be healthy.If education once lost could be gained again , but health once lost it cannot be gained again.Whole life is there to gain education.It is not going anywhere , but health once lost is lost for ever.We can run after education any time , but we have to run after education everytime.

  • Health is important

    How are you suppose to focus on education when you're unhealthy? I was sick when I had an exam. I couldn't focus enough to get a good score. You can get an education anytime. You only get to have one life. Although both sides have good points, I think your health is more important.

  • Health care is more important

    If you take a step back to look at the universally accepted basic needs of humanity, you think of water, food and shelter. Yet, all these things are merely a branch of good health. One cannot focus on education when they are plagued with vast diseases and illnesses, this is especially evident in developing nations. Perhaps in developed countries where health care is already advanced should they focus more on education, but in developing countries, health care is much more important.

  • Education can be done at home, but health care can only be done by professionals.

    Pre college education can be done at home with minimum cost. Health care is very expensive. Sure there are home remedies but for health issues that a professional is needed for these can be very costly. Education is best received from experience and hands on. These can give the best knowledge.

  • How is education going to benefit you when you are unhealthy?

    If you are desperate for an education but don't have enough money, it might be a bad thing but it's not something that is going to impact your life in a big way as there are ways you can educate yourself through other means. But when you are in front of a hospital, dying or in pain, and you can't receive treatment because you don't have enough money, then that is something of a huge concern to your health and well being.

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