• Creativity = Nothing In School

    Schools kill creativity. They force this "curriculum" in your life to take and if you object you face serious charges such as prison or the juvenile center. Others are OSS, ISS, and Summer School.
    All they focus on is the "academic" subjects and treat the humanities as some kind of privilege. A myriad of students need to pass all their classes they might not be interested in to participate in something they might want to.
    It is disgusting how schools now have a twisted view on what being smart is. Instead of being a flexible, problem solving, creative individual, they want you to be some kind of database with only memory and nothing else.
    If you start questioning anything they shove in your face, then beware because then they will put you down and maybe give a "failing grade".
    Now it is not even the staff or teachers' faults for such a system because they have to listen to these old men that just want to make money out of this system, and dictate what we need to learn.
    So why do they do all of this? "Because we are the authority, and we know what is good for you and also because we said so."

  • What if we had younger professionals

    We could potentially have professionals at 20 if kids started learning what they like at younger ages. The writer has no need for algebra 2 and the engineer has no need for classic literature. While it is important to have fundamentals (grades 1-8) we must have the school systems changed to learning specialties at younger ages. It sure does help when the student loves what he or she learns and wants to learn more. The school system now is full of useless busy work that will potentially never be used ever in ones life.

  • Students aren't Factory Workers.

    The world is constantly changing. And creative minds are needed to adapt, There's no need for knowledge retention or a standard system of solving. People nowadays need to be able to change and reassess their thinking constantly. School just doesn't provide that. The United States education system was last updated in the industrial age when factory workers needed to listen to commands exactly and execute them perfectly, So schools acted on this need and became as mundane and orderly as possible. No talking, Desks nice and neat, Essays, Assessments, And many more things were created to help put students in the factory mindset. However, The world has changed and robots are doing those jobs. So the education system must adapt to this new age in order to empower students to be the creators of tomorrow.

  • I am a 13 yr old child currently in 8th grade

    Heres my side of the debate, You come to school and do the same thing every day, The same routine, The same everything. The school system does not pay attention that learn in different ways, Most of the time teachers will just had out a packet and say 'work. Now"and parents wonder why their children are bored in school, Its cause there is nothing interesting happening, They come in bored because teachers don't take their job seriously. And they don't get paid enough to take their job seriously either. Also we have the same school system as the school system from 150 years ago, So yes the school system is broken and what confuses me is that they say that they prepare you for jobs and even real life, But they don't teach you about taxes or how to handle student debt, Or even car loans. They say that you need to know heaps and heaps of math to be a graphic designer, My father is a graphic designer and he says the hardest math hes done was from 5th grade. Like i said. . . BROKEN

  • Schools aren't giving us proper education.

    Schools force us to know subjects we don't need in our life. Besides, All we do anyway if memorize something and then throw it up on the test. After that, We forget because we don't know how useful it will be in our life. What if you wanted to create technology but you had to read and memorize Shakespeare novels?
    Sure, It's not bad to introduce a subject but you shouldn't force a student to learn a subject.
    No, I'm not exaggerating. Besides, Schools require students to have high grades on all subjects. If you get an F, Instead of them saying "maybe that's just not your interest", They call you lazy and a failure.

    Students learn stuff out of creativity and curiosity, Not because someone made them do it. Besides, Didn't you know that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, And even Albert Einstein, All who are very important figures, Didn't need school to become successful? In fact, Some were dropouts. They chose their own path and followed that path. School didn't choose for them.

    No amount of A's will measure a person's knowledge and their future.

  • Why do we learn this way

    I'm a student my self and i'm in the schooling systems hands to teach me and it isn't working so well. We are put so sit in strate lines raise our hand to go to the bathroom and it ridiculous we are people not machiens. We are still being tought like we are in the 1800's and it has to stop, We are in 2019 and the way people think and work have changed you can't just expect us to learn if you keep making the learning harder.

  • Under qualified Educators/ No school resources

    In Florida, They recruit adults with Bachelor degrees in any area and have the take 21 credits in Alternate Education. This program does not prepare the new teacher for a classroom filled with 13 out of 25 ESL students and no resources (computers, Textbooks, Copies, Ect. . ) The teachers in Florida aren't even making it past 3 years of teaching before they are exited form the system.

  • Broken education system

    I have an IQ of 159 and I'm in 5th grade, But even though my teacher tries to challenge me on a regular basis, I AM BORED. The system is broken because the bar is lowered to allow dummies to pass. I think that the bar should be raised to force people to work harder.

  • Where it begins.

    Yes, It is bad. Let's go over for a minute who can not directly influence the school system: teachers, Students, Parents, You know, Those who by law or by career HAVE to abide the rules. However, Those that can define the curriculum, The budget, The over all laws don't even have to have taught a single student. Think of any situation where you and others in your situation couldn't vote on something that affects a good 20% of your life. Who would let that stand? And yet people are expected to be happy about this. I haven't even gone into the schools themselves, And you can already see a problem. Fix the problem here, Because everything is a result of this flawed process.

  • The School Education IS Broken!

    Students are not able to follow their passions or any of that. Instead, Kids are thinking their smarts are based on a test they take as a 4 year old! Even if they are gifted artistically! Kids don't have a chance to practice their music, Art, Drama, Any of that during school. All the kids do is get facts mushed into our brains and they expect them to remember that until 3 months so they see if they pass a test to even get to the next level of learning, Where the same cycle happens again. Really US? Over half of the things they taught us don't even matter now! When I was a kid, I didn't even learn that taxes aren't only paid when you buy something at the store until 6th grade when my mom told me! That's what kids should be learning, Taxes, Bills, Etc. To ACTUALLY get prepared for the real world. What they're telling us is not preparing them, Even if the teachers say.

  • It isn't Broken

    I am assuming we are talking about America here, otherwise please disregard this statement. Yes I will agree standardized testing is bad, however it only weakens our school system, it doesn't BREAK it. Also your experience depends on what state you go to so ill just say what I experienced. When I asked a question I never got an answer that was unsatisfactory.

    If there is a problem i do know one. Look up the process for firing a bad teacher and you will realize that once a teacher gets his/her ten-year they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to fire. That is a problem

    (for those who don't know, a ten-year is a contract that makes it so a teacher...
    1. Is almost impossible to fire.
    2. Has a steady increasing wage
    The requirements for this: work at the same school for 10 years. That is it.)

  • Broken? No. Does it have problems? Yes.

    I think broken is far too strong a word to use when describing education systems, or at least the education system in Canada, where I am from. It's a system where all children can go no matter where you're from, what you look like, or how much money you have. You learn things about the world around you that make you a generally more informed and more intelligent person. Something that would never be done outside of a school environment.

    People look at school subjects from a very narrow view. They say "When am I ever going to use algebra, or need to know Romeo and Juliet". There is more too it than that. It's teaching you a way of thinking that you can apply all the time. The same applies with science classes that teach you how to critically evaluate. An essential skill for anyone even if you don't actually go on to study sciences later in life.

    There are two big problems with the system though. First is that marks are way too important. A mark on a piece of paper doesn't define who you are or how smart you are. The pressure kids are under from themselves, peers, and parents is ridiculous, especially for people that age.

    The other major problem I see is that they don't teach (or don't teach enough) life skills and some basic parts of being a citizen. For example:
    1. How your political system works.
    2. What laws their are in your country.
    3. How to manage finances
    4, How to pay taxes
    5. (Some schools do this) How to make resumes, cover letters, and generally get a job.

  • Religious freedom in our school systems

    Most school systems that teach based off facts and not believes that there is a person guiding what we do. In my school they let you believe what ever you want. I have learned that the American school systems to have issues but it is not broken. If you look at the way you think now to compared of how you used to think when you we young, You would notice a major difference. That is based off of if your an adult that has been all the way through school.

  • 14th ranked education system worldwide

    Our education system is ranked 14th in the world. That's in the top 10 percent. If our system is broken then education must be broken worldwide. The data does not support that the American education system is broken. I'm all for improving a very, Very good education system but we don't have to make it seem like it is something that it is not.

  • The school system is just fine.

    The school system is just fine. Most of the lessons we feel need to be taught in schools should actually be the parents' responsibility to teach. The schools are just fine teaching lessons they currently teach.

    Homework is also perfectly fine. Many people argue that it is unnecessary, but I think it challenges students to think, use their own minds separate from the teacher and practice material outside of class. People also argue that it takes up time, but I think that it is fine because it teaches a student how to be organized inside and outside of the classroom. It also teaches a student how to adequately be stressed and that work must always come first. School is a student's job, and the amount of work given to them is teaching them to treat school as such. The importance stressed on grades and class material is also just as important.

    Schools are a place where discipline and work ethics are taught. That is the most important thing people should learn to become functioning members of society.

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