• Creativity = Nothing In School

    Schools kill creativity. They force this "curriculum" in your life to take and if you object you face serious charges such as prison or the juvenile center. Others are OSS, ISS, and Summer School.
    All they focus on is the "academic" subjects and treat the humanities as some kind of privilege. A myriad of students need to pass all their classes they might not be interested in to participate in something they might want to.
    It is disgusting how schools now have a twisted view on what being smart is. Instead of being a flexible, problem solving, creative individual, they want you to be some kind of database with only memory and nothing else.
    If you start questioning anything they shove in your face, then beware because then they will put you down and maybe give a "failing grade".
    Now it is not even the staff or teachers' faults for such a system because they have to listen to these old men that just want to make money out of this system, and dictate what we need to learn.
    So why do they do all of this? "Because we are the authority, and we know what is good for you and also because we said so."

  • What if we had younger professionals

    We could potentially have professionals at 20 if kids started learning what they like at younger ages. The writer has no need for algebra 2 and the engineer has no need for classic literature. While it is important to have fundamentals (grades 1-8) we must have the school systems changed to learning specialties at younger ages. It sure does help when the student loves what he or she learns and wants to learn more. The school system now is full of useless busy work that will potentially never be used ever in ones life.

  • The School System is Broken

    School is designed to see how well will a student recall facts until they crack. In real life your employer isn't going to make you memorize statistics for a report. You'll be allowed to have those stats written down somewhere to recall from. Schools encourage a only 1 can succeed atmosphere. Its anti collaborative and makes it challenging to catch back up in a move move move environment instead of a "Do you know the material" environment. Our schools drown 14-18 year olds in work and cram their heads with knowledge so fast that they never have the opportunity to truly grasp and appreciate the material. Not to mention the teachers have a quota of knowledge they have to teach kids by the end of the quarter instead of seeing of the kids actual know whats happening in the class.

  • Yeah it is

    School is basically a jail at this point. All you have to do to succeed is have a good memory it kills creativity through doing the same thing everyday only things that you ¨learn¨ when you come out of school is ¨mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell¨ and how to write an essay for the 8th year. There´s a difference between being smart and getting good grades at school if you get good grades at school all you have is a good memory bet because humans are different from one another some of us have worse memories than others. Its a jail at this point we do the same thing everyday with no change i can understand why some kids are killed by this.

  • School is stopping progress.

    The school system in America is broken due to one fact, It removes creativity. Without creativity, A society will fall due to a lack of philosophy. Why does creativity lead to philosophy? Because it inspires people to critically think about the possible events that take place and have taken place. Without it, There would be no capitalism, Democracy, Republics, So on. An essential part of society is being literally taken from students. (Speaking from my current enrollment at Orange High School in Hillsborough, NC) Teachers are limited too. Under the current system, Teachers that feel projects may be a better option are somewhat shunned for this belief. (I've seen it happen and I've helped teachers during lunch because I know my peers deserve better. Some teachers even lose their job over it. ) Every day I go to school looking at how everyone is tired of being their despite their passion to learn or teach. Teachers don't get paid much for a 4-year degree, Which means they do it for the kids. They are the ones that should be policy makers and not idiots who the last time they walked in a school was when they graduated. You can certainly say that I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm a kid, Or because I'm too involved, But guess what, You have to be to objectively think about it. If I wasn't involved, Or I wasn't a kid, Then I would have a lot more bias then actually being involved. I plan to fix the education system one way or another; hopefully, My first plan will work. I created a new system beneficial to all parties at hand that promotes creativity. Basically, You do projects related to the subject that help other classrooms and even society in some cases. Not only does this allow schools to run for basically free, But makes the society it's placed in a better place. If the school can run for free, Then they make their own rules producing a positive outcome on the system which stops anybody from changing it in a bad way. Maybe schools budget won't come from tax dollars one day; but instead, The passion to learn. I'm sure a lot of people with disagree with me, And say, "You're just a kid, You don't know what you're talking about. " but to them, I say, "Is Stravinsky's 'The Firebird' not good because he wrote it in his 20's? " he played "The Firebird" the most out of all the songs he wrote, Even when he was older. So tell me if You still think a kid can't come up with something good.

  • It is outdated

    The current school system dates back to the Industrial Age, When factories needed more workers. The school system teaches all students with practically the same methods over and over again. Also if a student learns at a slower pace than another student, The slower on is considered a failure which is unfair because it doesn’t mean one is worse.

  • The cause of all my problems

    Never found school doing anything positive in my life, Never knew why until recently. I realize that school is about passing and being accepted into society and not learning. School is a chore, It makes learning hell when it shouldn’t be, Learning should be coming from your own curiosity, Not a forced near-dictatorship (overexagerating, Still making my point).

    Life should not be about getting a letter on a piece of paper that is one thing that determines your future, A number that determines which colleges you can’t go to. School is not a place to learn, It was originally intended for factory workers, And that hasn’t changed.

    Furthermore, School kills motivation, Creativity, And happiness. Speaking from personal experience, Looking back at every single argument with my parents, Every single massive issue in my life, It’s all happened because of school. Sometimes it feels like my family was being torn apart.

    School killed my motivation to keep coding for a project, Killed my movitation to write, To be hopeful about my future.

    This needs to be changed, The system does NOT work. School is not fun, It feels like prison. It needs to feel liberating, Inspiring, Fun, And it needs to feel like it’s very important in your life.

    It’s unfair to judge somebody based on a statistic, It’s in fact sickening to see people defend this system.

    I’m 16 years old. I’m confident when I say the 10 years of school I’ve had so far have been the worst.

  • School is my life!

    I have no time for anything but school. Schools solely care about test results and kill creativity, Music, Gaming, And much, MUCH more. I hate school. Students have no control over their OWN FREAKING LIVES. I've heard sad stories of young men and women take their own lives because school had given them terminal mental illnesses.

  • Not being taught the things they need to know

    In my case, my children aren't stressed, they are bored, they are very bright children and left Primary school with the highest grades in their school. They haven't been nurtured or given the chance to thrive. They've been taught at the same pace as everyone else, and been left to their own devices. They would fly under the right guidance.

  • It was made for Factory Workers.

    School systems were originally set up for children working in factories. The teachers would show the students what to do and EXACTLY how to do it, then the students would regurgitate the information back to the T. This was crucial because everything needed to be made a certain way, having no need for creativity and useless (and often costly) experiments. You fail, you're fired. That's the way it worked.
    The thing is, the school system needs to open its mind to this possibility: if you let the creativity flow, let us fail and don't CONDEMN us for a simple mistake, we will end up discovering an easier and more efficient way to complete the task at hand.

  • It isn't Broken

    I am assuming we are talking about America here, otherwise please disregard this statement. Yes I will agree standardized testing is bad, however it only weakens our school system, it doesn't BREAK it. Also your experience depends on what state you go to so ill just say what I experienced. When I asked a question I never got an answer that was unsatisfactory.

    If there is a problem i do know one. Look up the process for firing a bad teacher and you will realize that once a teacher gets his/her ten-year they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to fire. That is a problem

    (for those who don't know, a ten-year is a contract that makes it so a teacher...
    1. Is almost impossible to fire.
    2. Has a steady increasing wage
    The requirements for this: work at the same school for 10 years. That is it.)

  • Broken? No. Does it have problems? Yes.

    I think broken is far too strong a word to use when describing education systems, or at least the education system in Canada, where I am from. It's a system where all children can go no matter where you're from, what you look like, or how much money you have. You learn things about the world around you that make you a generally more informed and more intelligent person. Something that would never be done outside of a school environment.

    People look at school subjects from a very narrow view. They say "When am I ever going to use algebra, or need to know Romeo and Juliet". There is more too it than that. It's teaching you a way of thinking that you can apply all the time. The same applies with science classes that teach you how to critically evaluate. An essential skill for anyone even if you don't actually go on to study sciences later in life.

    There are two big problems with the system though. First is that marks are way too important. A mark on a piece of paper doesn't define who you are or how smart you are. The pressure kids are under from themselves, peers, and parents is ridiculous, especially for people that age.

    The other major problem I see is that they don't teach (or don't teach enough) life skills and some basic parts of being a citizen. For example:
    1. How your political system works.
    2. What laws their are in your country.
    3. How to manage finances
    4, How to pay taxes
    5. (Some schools do this) How to make resumes, cover letters, and generally get a job.

  • The school system is just fine.

    The school system is just fine. Most of the lessons we feel need to be taught in schools should actually be the parents' responsibility to teach. The schools are just fine teaching lessons they currently teach.

    Homework is also perfectly fine. Many people argue that it is unnecessary, but I think it challenges students to think, use their own minds separate from the teacher and practice material outside of class. People also argue that it takes up time, but I think that it is fine because it teaches a student how to be organized inside and outside of the classroom. It also teaches a student how to adequately be stressed and that work must always come first. School is a student's job, and the amount of work given to them is teaching them to treat school as such. The importance stressed on grades and class material is also just as important.

    Schools are a place where discipline and work ethics are taught. That is the most important thing people should learn to become functioning members of society.

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