Is the effect that fashion hs on ur identity (personal and social) mostly negative ?

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  • Fashion, like most things in society, wishes to prey on our fears and weaknesses and then box us in

    We were not born with desires to achieve fame, money and become sex symbols. And yet these are the images painted for us, that we subconsciously absorb without realizing and adopt in the clothes that we wear and in the way that we act. This happens commonly during our teenage phase, when we are most vulnerable to these pressures and while trying to forge our own identity.

    It sometimes takes a while to understand and realize that chasing fashion or any of the other attractions stated above, will never bring true happiness. This can only come through an acceptance of one's self in all their strengths and imperfections. It is only then that one is likely to mature and become self confident in a manner that no piece of clothing can ever strip away from you.

  • It has many negative effects

    It is a way to express your self but can cause stereotypes ,changes the way how people see you and affects your personal identity Stereotypes- people grouping others by their clothing without looking at their identity or bothering to get to know them
    it changes how people see you with stereotypes but also the pressure of wearing 'whats in' can force some people to change how they look therefore they aren't expressing who they are truly
    the pressure, stereotypes... Can affect you mental health and personal identity. It can cause stress and it affects teenagers and children when they go through developing stages of expressing themselves and being who they are
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