Is the electoral college and better system of election than the popular vote?

Asked by: SgtFluffybutts
  • Popular Vote would give bigger states an advantage

    I'm a resident of the state of Oregon, and we're typically seen as very liberal and democratic, this is the result of popular vote, and the only counties with big left wing populations are Multnomah (which I'm resident of), Lane, and Marion. If the national voting system where to become a Popular vote, a similar case would apply, the big states such as Florida, California, New York, and Texas would have the only real say.

  • Small States get a Say too

    The institution of the electoral college gives a pretty determined point system to all states, and forces politicians to make strides in appealing to all demographics of people, rather than just big cities... Plus, imagine the horrific recounting that would have to be done if we went by pure popular vote. We'd have to recount EVERY SINGLE COUNTY IN EVERY SINGLE STATE. Electoral college has it's own flaws, but it's a superior alternative to a pure popular vote count.

  • The voice of the people.

    The electoral college is designed to protect from the one thing that our founding fathers feared. Mob rule. Plain and simply the electoral college protects the voice of the minority by focusing on demographics rather than pure population. In a world where the left is generally all about protecting the minority this is not the case.

  • People matter more than states

    The constitution still protects people's rights meaning the majority cannot impose anything they want on a minority. In addition to this we should be more worried about how equal people's votes count not how equally states are. Currently people in small states' vote is worth more than people in a large state. This is incredibly undemocratic. No big states should have more power because they have more people. It is logical for the interests of the most people to be preserved when it isn't at the expense of the rights of the minority.

  • People are People regardless of where they live!

    What makes a persons voice less valuable than that of another? Should the opinion of someone from California be less of value than that of someone in Wyoming, simply because of where they live? This outdated system we call the "Electoral College" was mostly successful in they early day of America, when communication was not that of what it is today, Locals would elect officials based off their views and those said officials would travel to the Capital to make their vote. Today we no longer need this, communication and transportation are at the tip of our fingers. As for those saying Larger states would impede on the rights of all the smaller states, simply haven't read the constitution which states "majority rule minority rights" meaning the majority would rule but even if they wanted to they cant impede on the rights of those smaller mostly conservative states.

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