• Yes; All States Should Use It For Gov. Elections.

    With The Electoral College; The Small States, Big States, Small Countries, Big Countries, Small Cities, Little Cities, Metropolitan Areas, Farm Areas, Urban Areas, Rural Areas, Most Populated, & Least Populated Get A Say In Who Wins An Election.

    With The Popular Vote; ONLY The Most Populated States, Most Populated Counties, & The Big Cities Decide Who Wins An Election.

    The PV & NPV Should Be Outlaw (Abolished) Completely.

  • Yes it is

    4) America’s election systems have operated smoothly for more than 200 years because the Electoral College accomplishes its intended purposes. America’s presidential election process preserves federalism, prevents chaos, grants definitive electoral outcomes, and prevents tyrannical or unreasonable rule. The Founding Fathers created a stable, well-planned, and carefully designed system—and it works

  • America is not a democracy

    It is a representative republic. This means that decisions are made not by the masses, but by elected officials. This prevents a vast majority from disenfranchising the minority. The electoral college also defends the interests of smaller states. The founding fathers were well versed in political theory, should we question there ideas because we don't agree with an election result?

  • Not ment to support democracy

    When the framers created the Constitution, the House of Representatives was created the represent the people, the Senate to represent the States, but what about the Executive office? To prevent manipulation, while protecting the people's choice, the framers concluded to have a mixture. The United States is a republic and not a democracy to prevent mob rule. Many people think plurality rule or the electoral college as a whole is dumb, however the election process is like the World Series. To win one team must win 4 of 7, first game one team loses 10-0. However, the next four games the second team wins 2-0 each time, so the 1st team scored 2 more runs at the end and lost. This is important for States such as California where there is a very dense liberal population and a large number of people. If there was no electoral college, the votes of other states wouldnt account for as much. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

  • It is necessary.

    The electoral college stands for the interests of the people in individual states which is very important. It is after all of United STATES of America and opinions, interests and needs vary all over the country. Without the electoral college, the future of the country would lie in the hands of the people of a few big cities, which of course have different interests and needs than people in Wyoming, who would vote for more agricultural friendly policies or Texas and Arizona who would vote for the candidate promising more border security, as they are affected by it frequently, unlike someone in Washington State for example.

  • Yes the electoral college is not only good fro america but needed

    If the electoral college did not exist the states that are smaller in population would be overlooked, without it the needs of the many would outweigh the needs of the few. Without the college people would campaign only in major population centers such as new york, california, and florida. Without the college states like wyoming wouldnt even matter, thus candidates would alienate these voters

  • I support the electoral college but disagree with the winner-takes-all policy of the majority of States.

    The electoral college is important to ensure that the responsibility of electing the President of the United States of America is spread between the States. This way the states with less population stay more relevant in the election process. The United States of America is a federation of states which explains why the founders chose to use the electoral college. The method of choosing the electors was left to the state legislators to decide. The original intent was that the population would select the electors on a district by district basis but now most states have a winner-takes-all policy. I do advocate for a reformation of the elector selection process, perhaps to a uniform system adopted by all states.

  • Yes, it is good for the United States

    Without the Electoral College, we would see political powers only focusing efforts on larger populated states and leaving small fry states to fend for themselves in neglect. Thus, this allows for a more fair and equal means for a country to vote, rather than let smaller states get pushed around and result in another secession like the South before the rising of the Civil War.

  • Yes, I think the electoral college is good for America.

    Overall I think the electoral college is a good idea for our elections, it allows the smaller States to have a valid contribution in elections instead of the large States dominating everything, it makes the candidates have to listen to and make promises all over the Nation instead of just two or three of the largest states.

  • Gets in the way of democracy

    The point of democracy is that the most people get what they want. With the electoral college, this doesn't necessarily happen. In the 2016 election, Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by millions, but lost the electoral college. What's the point of democracy if this happens? It's giving the most people what they want... But then it's not.

  • It gives votes to states and not people.

    People should, instead of electing an elector that will cast a vote, vote directly to the candidate that they prefer. An example of this is the Single Transferable Vote, in which citizens can rank their most and least favourite options in the same ballot.
    To explain, imagine there are 4 parties running (A, B, C, D) and Party A and Party B have the most votes but none of them get the majority. If this happens, the party with the least votes (Party C with 8%) is eliminated from the race and if, for example, half of C voted A as their second option, then 4% goes to A. Repeat until a Party gets a majority. If not, ballotage! Party A vs. B, whoever gets most wins. Simple voting for simple people.

  • I think we need to re-think the electoral college.

    I do not think the electoral college is good for America. I think people distrust the electoral college and would like to see it gone. When we were in high school, we were taught what the electoral college was, how it worked, and why it was necessary. There are a great many people who did not understand it back then, and still do not understand it today.

  • The electoral college is not good for America.

    The electoral college is not good for America. There have been cases where presidents who won elections had fewer votes overall from the people, but won because they got the most electoral college votes. The electoral college takes the power of election away from the people and puts it into a small number of hands. The vote should be counted across all states, not between the States.

  • No the electoral college is not good for America

    The electoral college is not good for America because it goes against what is a true democratic system. People who are not informed voters often believe that the voting process takes place like a homecoming prom. Although the election should be strictly about the popular vote, the electoral college is more important.

  • No, It's Not

    I do not believe the electoral college is good for America. I believe the system has led to the unfair election of one president. I support removing the electoral college and moving to a direct majority vote. With the electoral college many votes don't end up counting for anything and I think that's wrong.

  • Does our vote really matter with the electoral college

    The electoral college is an issue that must be abolished because of the way that the politicians can decide what states get which votes. If you look at nearly every state's voting districts, it looks like someone dropped a ball of yarn and let it roll. Gerry Meandering is an effect of the electoral college, this means that politicians can make it so that the democrats or republicans in a state may be split up into 2, 3 up to enormous amount of parts just to ensure that your vote does not matter

  • Complicated but I would say no

    There is so many people in the us that just because the majority wants something that does not mean that the most PEOPLE want this person to be president and I don't think that really makes America a democracy but if you believe that America should have the electoral college this is not disusing you, To echo's own :)

  • It is dumb

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