• Moderating Candidates and Increasing Voter Influence

    The Electoral College builds into the electoral system a moderating influence on Candidates. Anyone seeking the office of the President of the United States must appeal to a national coalition which is both broad and deep in its support. Additionally, the Electoral College helps to reaffirm the federal character of the country. Lastly, Alan Natapoff, Professor at MIT, has demonstrated mathematically how the average Voter actually has more influence over the selection of the President with the Electoral College than that Voter would have under, say, a national popular vote: the probability a Voter will cast the deciding vote for the outcome of a single state and that state will cast the deciding vote for the outcome of the election tends to be much larger than the probability said Voter will cast the deciding vote if a popular vote were used.

  • No the electoral college is out dated

    The electoral college is very out dated today. It is an unnecessary use of a voting mechanism. Today most people may not have even heard of the electoral college or know how it works. Don't you think if it is the way that we elect people in a democracy everyone should know how it works?

  • Modern Voting Trumps Old System

    The Electoral College was needed during the infancy of the United States because voters often had to travel dozens of miles to vote in the first place. When votes were counted in counties and then states, it took several weeks for results to be tabulated. When each state counted final tallies, the Electoral College was notified. Today, candidates often know who wins or loses on the actual day of the election. It's time to do away with the Electoral College and have some new way to directly election a president based upon the popular vote.

  • Let the people vote

    Let the people decide on who is to hold whichever office that needs to be filled and stop trying to manipulate the system by allowing only a few hand picked people do the deciding. I think that society itself should be allowed to vote on all of public offices in the future.

  • The electoral college is unfair to the majority of the citizens of the United States of whom are blessed to have the opportunity to vote.

    As a citizen of the United States, I as well as the rest of whom live in this country, get the opportunity to vote for who we want in office. Unfortunately, with the electoral college the person with the minority vote but the majority with the electoral college, can win presidency. We saw this with the 2016 presidential election. This all happens with the process of gerrymandering. Politicians only appeal to those voters of whom agree with their beliefs. This is an unfair and rigged system to us citizens and to the candidate of whom won the popular vote. By abolishing the electoral college, we the people will get an equal chance to vote for who we want in office and it will give a chance for someone of who is truly liked by the majority of the country to be in office. It will also make candidates realize that they need to focus on people in all states not just swing states or states with the most electoral college votes. By doing this everyone will feel that their voices are heard. This will truly make our country a fairer system and people will be much happier and treated much more fairly.

  • No longer relevant

    The electoral college is easily manipulatable. If you watch CGP Grey, you know what I mean. If not, you should. Even if the majority of the popularity vote against you, you can still win by winning states and not people. This makes the people undervalued and their votes won't matter. Then the fact that the electors can vote for someone the very people who put them in charge didn't want is unconstitutional.

  • Not necessary in today's day and age

    When created the electoral college was helpful, but now it only suppresses voter turnout and makes it so that someone who wins the popular vote could lose the candidacy. It also places an unnecessary focus on so called swing states and makes candidates spend more money in states like Florida and ohio

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