• Electoral college is the same as the Popular Vote

    The population of a state correlates positively with the number of electoral votes granted to an electoral college. Therefore, replacing it with the popular vote is irrelevant. There's also the fact that the popular vote is built on passion and not logic, something politics needs nowadays during a time where passion is overwhelming both sides.

  • Lets rural states have a say

    Without the electoral college, the coastal areas and big cities would have much, much more influence in elections. These areas are also overwhelmingly liberal. (I am too, but I'm just pointing out what's in it for you conservatives) Wyoming would be totally ignored. The College is also an incentive for candidates to treat ALL their constituents well.

  • It is stupid does not work any more

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  • Useless Today, Useless Tomorrow, Useless Forever

    It is more democratic, more fair and more sensible if you simply win by winning the popular vote. The system creates an unnecessary imbalance in power. People in swing states have more power than people in partisan states. The electoral system should work to reduce power imbalances not increase them.

  • No its not

    The electoral college is just a way for a president to pick his successor with the amount of voting fraud going in in the united states at this moment in time it is time for us to cut out the middle man. I dont really feel the need to write any more

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