• The End is coming. And I am not talking about movies.

    Society today is going down. Something has to be done about it and something will be done about it. Government is not doing anything. Best intentions from a president, mayor or someone else may sound good on in front of a microphone, but are no good if they are not being fulfilled. God is going to step in soon and save the world from the wicked people on it.

  • It's already here.

    The end is here. It's called today's society. Hoverboards are just Segwayswithou handles. The music is worse then dirt-covered garbage. TV is bland and dumb. Dances are just 1 or 2 moves repeated again. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN!!! I've had no faith in society since 2014, and I'm not seeing my faith being restored.

  • The book of revelation

    The bible states that god will come down from heaven and open a large pit in the earth were demons will be ordered to torment all but those with the seal of god over their heads. It says that once we reach our eighth pope(which is the one we have now) that this will happen. The book says it will happen but now when as said before god will choose when this happens and it will be when we least expect it.

    Do some research it is actually really interesting

  • It's impossible to know.

    The very, very end will be decided by God. We can never know, no matter how hard we try, when God will decide to come down and judge the living and the dead. He will do it when we least expect it, and it does not depend on earthly factors whatsoever. It could happen in five minutes or in five milleniums, which is why we must try and always be ready for His coming.

  • No. Not of natural causes.

    I think we do need to be very careful though. The increasing carbon dioxide emissions, if allowed to continue rising unchecked, will result in a runaway greenhouse effect. For an example of a runaway greenhouse effect in full swing, just look at Venus.

    Source: "Cosmos" (Remake) hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

  • Of coarse not!

    The world is not going to end because God wont let it. People just make up those stories to scare people. And I should know. The world is surly going to live a very long time. By the way STOP MAKING CHILDREN SCARED!!!!! We found out that are estaments are wrong every time like in 2012.

  • Blame the Mayans.

    The Mayans were the first to make a calender. They didn't make their calender to go on forever, and it ended at one point. They believed that when the calender ended, the world would end too. Hints the 2012 superstition many people had (and the movie). We have gone 3 years without even the slightest sign of anything happening. So have a sigh of relief...Because the world is NOT ending and wont for the next 7 billion years!

  • No this is ridiculous

    Have you not learn from Y2K and the 2012 prophecies? The end is nowhere in sight as far as I can tell. If it was people would know about it and I am not talking about the overly religious/conspiracy theorist. This just seem like you are asking a loaded question. The world is not ending.

  • Only in like billion years

    The sun is still young so it is just like it will grow bigger. In the future the sun will turn into a adult so the the Earth will be destroyed. The sun will grow big and burn the people on earth and destroy it. But that is like in a billion years.

  • Just a thought

    Could the end be near scientifically? Yes. Could it be near religiously? Yes. But is the end here now? No. Live everyday not in fear of the end, it proves to be unhealthy outlook on life. And if you truly believe the end is near, then instead of panicking and inducing fear, live everyday like it's the end, and celebrate a life, instead of afflicting others with a paranoia of impending doom. Just a thought.

  • Bring it on

    Most of us have already survived at least two maybe three apocalypses. 2012 was very disappointing, just another day in December. It even looks like we will survive Obama's presidency, like we did Bush's. I will never believe the "end is near" crowd, with such a poor record nobody should believe them. This crowd only needs to be right once and can not even reach that low of a bar.

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