Is the end of net neutrality the end of Internet freedom?

  • Losing Viewers leads to losing money which leads to losing the ability to support your website and produce your content.

    Net Neutrality stops internet providers from charging websites for having a better quality website (less lag, and easier to use.) This does not seem to bad, but without net neutrality internet providers can make the standard web page internet be extremely poor. Then only successful companies and pay for the better internet (which in theory can be less than the internet quality you are experiencing now,) this in turn will cause small websites or small companies that (require internet to spread their product/idea, which pretty much all companies need to flourish) who may be a threat to a big company be quickly lost and not looked over with much attention since no one really cares about "slow" website.

  • I'll stick to the side of freedom and innovation, thank you

    Just think about this: ISPs gain control over the entire infrastructure of the internet. They could potentially block any and all websites they see fit without prior warning. Basically it would be a Great Firewall. Just imagine your life's stories, pictures, even your own website, blocked for just ANY reason the big cable company sees fit. Now, of course, this is a worst-case scenario, and I don't think it will go that far (at least I hope it doesn't get to that point), but that's what could happen without rules set in place.

    Posted by: S.K
  • It happened to TV when cable came

    Loss of net neurtality wool cradulally introduce selective mechanisms that effectively censor some categories of infromation providers. Cable TV allowed sponsors and their financial consideratons to alter the nature of TV programming.

    End of net neutrality means financial concerns are taken for individual information providers on the net. Some will have it more difficult than others to provide their news or views.

  • No, they are different things.

    No, the end of net neutrality is not the end of Internet freedom, because internet freedom and net neutrality are two different concepts. Net neutrality is not the government being prevented from censoring certain conduct. Rather, allowing network providers to prioritize some content over other content on the web is the way they provide efficient internet service.

  • Ill stick to freedom and innovation

    With net neutrality, there is no incentive for the ISPs to provide fast internet therefore stifling innovation and productivity in america. YOu talk about throttling and how it is bad, but I say free market. Netflix and Comcast were settling on a deal before the net neutrality debate. For the average consumer with internet, the price will go down due to competition. Also, these laws are drafted with business interests in mind, so free competition is better than a law that favors big biz.

  • Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom

    The end of Net Neutrality doesn't necessarily signal the end of Internet freedom. Companies will undoubtedly take advantage of this development, but they are signaling a willingness to keep the status quo for now. Plus, the FCC has time to implement new rules to keep Internet Service Providers in check.

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