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  • No, drones are effective tools

    Drones do the job we want them to do very effectively and they will continue to be used as long as they are effective. Even if we were to ban their use they would continue to be used in secret. Drones allow us to target and destroy people who are known enemies and do it far more effectively than sending humans in to locate and destroy those enemies. I'm not that moved by the criticism that innocent people may be harmed, because they also would be harmed in a human attack on a hiding place if they are in the vicinity.

  • It's only the beginning for drones.

    The end of drones is nowhere near, rather it is just the beginning. Only five years ago drone technology was still in its infancy and limited to elite branches of the United States military. Today drones are much more sophisticated, used with increasingly frequency, and spreading all over the world. The use of drones will likely continue unabated and in the future be used by all levels of government and private organizations.

  • No, the end of the drone is not nigh

    Regardless of the morals associated with unmanned bombings and attacks, using a piece of technology to defend our country instead of a human being will always be the best choice. Losing a few hundred thousand or million dollar piece of machinery is nothing compared to the loss of a human life.

  • I dont think so

    I don't Think so but I could be wrong. A unmanned drone did get captured in Iran and it does prove that its not the master of the skies but I'm sure plenty of people agree that they rather a drone had been captured rather than a plane with people inside.

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