• I can feel it in Society.

    Too many cultures/ religions say that the end, or new beginning is coming soon. I see it in society. Nothing is never good enough. We want more. When the worlds resources are used up, we will suffer. When we finally realize that more is not better, it will be too late. The world is moving to fast. The faster something moves, the nearer it gets to the end. I believe our world is close to its end.

  • E n d

    I think the world is near to an end because Every thing has an expiry date, so is our Earth. Every one will face the death one day. I believe in eternity, their is some one who runs the whole planet. Some of the questions which i asks to my self, Why we are here in this world, for what purpose?

  • The End is Near!

    The End is Near! Just my opinion, and gut feeling. I think most people would agree that society as we know it has been going downhill and we've basically been marching toward the end of the world with no real concern or guilt about it. We haven't changed, and will pay for it soon.

  • Signs say Yes

    The current events around the world, the chaos in our streets, the ignorance and spirit of delusion sweeping this nation proves it. This added to the solar eclipse in August, the Blood moon tetrad, the sign in the sky of the virgin above Israel in September....Yep, Christ coming soon for the church.

  • The world is gone

    We are but civilians in the history books
    We live under the hope of peace
    But isn't it false hope
    Because of terrorism, war, starvation, and all other things
    The thought that my life can be ended in my sleep because another country launched a missile scares the shit out of me
    the very fact that we have locks on our front doors is quite possibly the greatest example of why the world is not a peaceful place
    Because people can't be trusted
    locks were made to keep people out, as were walls and most of it is out of fear
    Although we are fairly safe in America
    With the click of a button We could all be dead
    And we'd never even see it coming
    The fate of the world isn't even in our hands not gonna lie I live in fear for the most part
    what if this is it
    The last war (NATO)
    The next war could be the last
    Quite possibly
    When backed into a corner the one about to lose fires off every missile they have
    then the world stands still

  • I think we are, but I can't prove it

    Obviously, I can't prove the future, but I believe the end is near because people ignore it. Jesus said He would return at an hour we did not expect it. The world in general is not expecting His return, which shows it is near. However, that is just my opinion.

  • There is no good evidence in support of that.

    If all humans would die, that would not be the end of the world, that would only be the end of all humans and if the earth would explode that would not be the end of the world that would only be the end of earth. There is no good evidence that the end of humans, the earth or the world is near. If you are extremely religious you might think something as silly as the end of the world being near, but there is no rational reason to believe such a ridiculous notion. The world has trillion billion years left, the earth has at least 1 billion years left and for humans. Not sure because of war and the monetary system but i would say at least 1000 years or even millions or even billions of years if we stop using the monetary system at some point in the future.

  • Awww hell nah

    The world's fine. Except that we should lower drinking age. Increase the military. Hash it out with old enemies. Nuke d'em towelheads. Legalize d'em weeds. Boot d'em old farts in congress and da white (black house) out of office. Buy more of d'em guns. Party all da freakin nights long till we die!

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