• Yes, the ending of the Sopranos is artistically satisfying.

    The way in which the series The Sopranos ended surely can't keep all viewers ecstatic. However, I personally feel that the conclusion was visually and artistically appealing. I didn't feel anything was left lacking. I didn't feel like I had been yipped much in the sense that many other series finales leave me.

  • The ending of The Sopranos going dark made a point.

    The key word in this argument is the word "artistically." It is hard to say it had an emotional satisfaction but the dark, abrupt ending is very symbolic of the mob life. The whole idea of being a hit man is to make a sneak attack. We don't know if it was a literal sneak attack when the screen went dark and the music stopped but it was definitely a figurative one.

  • Yes,it was a nice ending

    I think some people saw it as an ending that didn't make sense,but it made sense to me. Tony talked about what happens when you die and stated" it all just goes black". It could't have been any better of an ending with that lead up,but to each their own. If you didn't like it, thats all you.

  • The Sopranos had to end eventually.

    Many will argue that there were still a lot of issues that went unresolved at the end of The Sopranos. With a story so rich with characters and conflict, ending the story is a difficult task. The way that the writers chose to end the story hit a climax among these conflicts on purpose. The writers want you to be left with questions unanswered. This allows them to continue their careers as writers of the series without the confines of a studio. This model has been used in Science Fiction series for decades.

  • No, the ending to Sopranos was dissapointing.

    I was a big fan of the show Sopranos. And after watching the season finale, I was a bit disappointed to see how the writers decided to end the series. I didn't think it took full advantage of all the stories that the series had set up. And I didn't think that Tony Soprano was represented in the best way in the series.

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