• The Keystone Pipeline's environment report is flawed.

    It's always suspect when a big oil company wants to destroy lots of natural environment to dig for oil or transport oil, and this is especially true for the Keystone Pipeline. Lots of corners have been cut to make everything turn out exactly the way the oil companies want it, and that includes the environmental impact reports.

  • Yes, the report on the environmental effect of the Keystone Pipeline is flawed/incomplete

    The Keystone Pipeline environmental report is flawed because of the emotional argument that backs the stopping of the pipeline. The United States operates oil lines in Alaska and they have done so with state of the art technology protecting the environment and helping cleanups in the event of spills. As a country we need to overlook these emotions and realize that a pipeline can coexist with nature and not be destructive.

  • Environmentalists just don't like the outcome.

    No, the environmental report for the Keystone Pipeline is not seriously flawed, because it is thoughtful and based on the evidence. The environmentalists say that the report is flawed, but that is just because they do not like what the report has to say. The report took science into account, not environmental activism.

  • The environmental report on the Keystone Pipeline is not flawed

    The environmental report on the Keystone Pipeline is not flawed. I believe it is biased and the people involved in the report have their own agenda and were paid by others to publish it. The keystone pipeline will be beneficial to both United States and Canada, and it will lower our dependency on foreign oil. Plus, if it is trapped inside the pipes, then it will be safe.

  • It's fine, it just doesn't matter.

    I do not think that there is anything flawed, serious or otherwise, regarding the environmental report for the Keystone Pipeline. It's simply my experience that regardless of the information in that report, it doesn't matter. We can't save every species, every blade of grass. We need to move that oil.

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