• Hell yes the EPA is corrupt !

    Anything under the Obama administration is corrupt. The EPA is just a tool to be used in order to force the will of the biggest dictator president in History. I do NOT TRUST PRESIDENT OBAMA NOR HIS THUGS ! Closing the Doe Run Lead smelting plant was a back door attack on lawful gun owners and a way to ensure the ammunition supply is disrupted. But the good people of this country are getting more and more angry over the Presidents constant overruling of our constitution. It will not go unchecked. The people still have the power in the end. You will see in the next election. The left wing media's old game is exposed' The voter fraud will not stand either.The big shots in the EPA should start learning to repair lawn mowers . Or get a paper route.

  • Our Government Is Run By High Level Organized Crime

    Our nation and government are owned by a group of banks, the biggest of which is headed by the Rothschilds family based in London. This family has been behind the total takeover of the nations of our world through the practice of monetary manipulation and usury. This family (and the banking cartel/empire they've created) are accountable to no one and the rest of the world is enslaved by them. These banks and on a smaller level, the other corporations which act in kind, control our destiny. Anything that goes on in our government is ultimately dictated by these forces. That's why a mere 200 chemicals have been tested for safety out of the thousands that are on the market and in need of examination. That's why only one chemical group - PCBs - have been banned outright. And that's why asbestos is still legally being processed, distributed and used throughout the united states. It's also why onerous terminology such as the "lease burdensome" principal is allowed to confuse and obstruct much needed regulation and provide loopholes for corporate executives to continue producing and pumping poisons into our world and our bodies. And we pay through the nose for them to do it to us. The fact that anyone would vote "No" on this poll makes me question both the honesty of this site as well as the people posting here and their awareness of the world they're living in. This will continue to happen until we decide to stop letting others do what we're afraid of - think for ourselves and lead our own lives. We need to realize that we are in charge of living our own lives and we should never allow others to force us into servitude.

  • Pozsgai Family Land

    The Pozsgai family of Morrisville Pennsylvaia bought a landlocked junkyard beside their home in order to expand their family truck repair business. They cleared out the junk cars and tires from the land and brought in clean land fill in order to flatten out their land to build their growing business. Then the EPA came in and ordered that they stop progress and return the land to its original state because it was a "wetland" and charged the Pozsgai family with placing toxic waste into navigable waters of the United States of America and were forced to pay $202,000 in fines and sentenced Mr. Pozsgai to 3 years in jail where the family subsequently lost their house and had to go bankrupt to pay all the fines. There were numerous non-government agencies that surveyed the land to see if there was anything that could possibly make this appear like a wetland, but none were ever found. The closest stream, not a navigable river or a lake, but simply a stream, to this property was 20 miles away.

  • The EPA protects the interests of big business, not the interests of the environment.

    I believe the EPA is a corrupt organization. It seems to have the interests of big corporations above the interests of the environment. Because it is a governmental organization, politics do influence decision making at the EPA. Large corporations gain political influence because they have large amounts of money, and many large corporations object to stricter controls on pollution, etc. These large corporations can use their political power to influence the policies that the EPA puts into place and enforces. In conclusion, the EPA is supposed to protect the environment, but it is influenced by the people/corporations that it is supposed to police, so I feel that the EPA is corrupt.

  • So corrupt as to be useless.

    Trump's appointed administrator to the EPA, Scott Pruitt, has only worsened matters -- considerably. But the evidence suggests that the corruption well predates this disastrous appointment. The evidence suggests that the EPA has been actively ignoring data / evidence of massive toxic water pollution nation wide, for example. And the EPA has also been rendered impotent with regard to any climate change action. The building should be boarded up until it can be made proper use of in the future, if ever.

  • Fracking flowback/ Flint Michigan/ Keystone Pipeline.

    17 years I worked as Hazerdous Materials Transpertation Driver in United States/ Canada / Mexico. I had to sign secrecy agreement more than once. EPA is as corrupt to the environment as Veteran's Affairs is to the disabled veterans. People only care about next stupid app for thier smart phone. Government and its political corruption takes money from big buisiness that rape and poison our land and water. People are idiots.

  • Corrupt or incompetent?

    They had a guy there that pretended to be a CIA agent and never came to work while getting paid big money. I am quite certain that those kind of people are far more plentiful in Big Government then anyone knows. Every once in a while they catch one being too stupid and parade them out, but there are many many more stealing tax money every day.

  • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    I don't believe corporations control the EPA. The EPA agents themselves are corrupt. They have unrestrained authority to demand unreasonable and costly alterations. I have personally witnessed these demands at the END of projects. Why would the agent wait until the final days of a project? The agent had a nice paid vacation during the project, showing up on site a few minutes each afternoon to "monitor". Didn't want to rock their own boat. At projects end, deadlines are close, budgets are finished, management is harried tying up loose ends.
    In short, management is most vulnerable to appeal for bribes.
    I've seen this with my own eyes.
    The EPA needs to be subject to an INTERNAL AFFAIRS POLICE reporting to the courts!

  • The is not EPA corrupt.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is designed to protect our natural resources and the quality of our environment. It is not corrupt, but a genuinely necessary agency for our country. In fact, the EPA does not get enough funding to do its job. We should allocate for funding to the EPA in the future.

  • They Use Scientific Method

    The current research being done on the dangers of fracking is open to public scientific peer review. For an agency to be so transparent during the research phase is a sign that corruption is not likely. Unfortunately the speed of the research is moving ate "Government Speed", which is to say, very slowly.

  • No, corruption depends on the administration.

    Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency is not corrupt. However, corruption depends on who is running the agency. During the George W. Bush years, environmental protection officers came from the industries that they were trying to regulate. Currently, under President Obama, some sense of normalcy is coming back to the agency.

    Posted by: rpr
  • They do their job

    The Environmental protection agency is far from corrupt. The money and time put into this organization benefits all of us whether you want to believe it or not. They establish regulations to keep our air and water safe. Look up the Kalamazoo River in Michigan to see why there are regulations on oil lines.

  • The EPA is a necessary organization.

    The EPA is a political organization that is far from corrupt. The good that comes from this part of government will benefit all of us and our children. People seem to vilify this organization because big business wants to be able to get around red tape or pollute our environment without repercussion.

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