Is the establishment of a national religion a good thing (yes) or a bad thing (no)?

  • National Religion is for the best.

    How else will I be able to sway the gullible masses into believing every words I say? How else will I raise the 65 million dollars needed to buy a new private jet? How else will I be able to wage my war against those heathen Commies, homosexuals, atheists, Nazis, Congressmen, etc. With a national religion, I would be closer to my goal of world domination. I daresay that the instituting of a national religion would be a fantastic event for the USA. We can use Saudi Arabia as an example - they have a national religion, and look at how much oil they have! There is clearly some omnipotent and benevolent force out in the universe that is rewarding Saudi Arabia for their decision.

  • People should be free

    A national religion is a bad thing insofar as it makes one religion preferred or supposedly more acceptable than another. This is problematic because it prohibits the freedom of choice by people who's beliefs better match or align with a separate religion. People would begin to resent the state for establishing a national religion.

  • Religion is a bad thing

    People are already fighting and killing each other because they believe their god is better than the other one's god. If a nation tried to make a national religion there is no way everyone in that country would agree on it. It would only cause really serious problems, fights, riots, and possibly wars in the end.

  • That is tyranny.

    No, establishment of a national religion is not a good thing, because it is tyranny to tell people what to believe about religion. This would only lead to people wanting to throw away a religion in favor of loyalty to the government. A national religion would be so unfair to the people who want to continue to believe in God.

  • A national religion can not be established

    Religion is concept that has been transferred over and over from generation to another generation. It is a belief of certain groups that pray to GOD in their own way. On the other hand; what I believe the end of a religion is knowing the existence of GOD and believing GOD and knowing that exists is not based on rules of man kind, there fore, I do not believe establishment a national religion is a right thing. Unless other wise it would be considered a despotism.

  • No, there should be no national religion.

    There should be no national religion. The United States was founded on freedom of religion, so that people would not be forced to follow a specific religion over the other. The Puritans, for example, were not able to freely practice their own religion, which is why they came to the United States. Establishing a specific national religion, or banning religions, makes a country feel stifling and is not a democracy.

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