Is the EU Framework a viable strategy for national Roma integration?

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  • Not doing much

    Its the EU's choice to act upon the issue of the Roma, just as its any country's right to act upon non-citizens in their own border. If the EU does not want to integrate the Roma, this is fine, but the current framework is not a viable strategy for doing so.

  • You can't force integration on unwilling subjections.

    Here's the thing that all the bleeding hearts seem to forget in this argument: The Roma don't want to be integrated! They don't want to be a part of our culture, our society, our way of life. They want their traditions, they want exceptionalism, and in short, they want special rights above everyone else It doesn't matter what we want, because they don't care to be a part of us.

  • The EU Framework is not a viable strategy for national Roma integration.

    The EU Framework is not a viable strategy for national Roma integration. The policies set forth in this are not effective and that has been shown. It will not end the battle of the countries and does nothing to make the transition any easier. Therefore, it does not seem to be working like they wanted it to and needs some revision.

  • EU Strategy for Roma Integration Ineffective

    Unfortunately, the EU framework for a national Roma integration strategy isn't effective enough. It's not going to end the long-standing conflict between European countries and the Roma people. Things will get slightly better over the next few years, but that doesn't mean the Roma integration will go smoothly by any means.

  • The Roma people choose not to integrate.

    Traditionally, it has been the Roma people who have kept to themselves and resisted integration with other cultures. To this day, it is frowned upon for Romas to marry outside of Roma society. The EU framework is one of integration. It is not, however, a framework designed to force incorporate those who resist as the Roma have done in the past.

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