Is the EU/UN the empire of the Antichrist?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • How, why, what when

    Nope the UN and EU are just organizations designed to create a better life for many people by trying to enforce guidelines that its members should hold too. So if you believe that a better world means the antichrist then yes the question is true. But for now lets say hell no.

  • That's stupid -- the Antichrist has to have an empire through conquest

    Leaving Denmark or Britain to be the only possible choices. Since they still have colonies/possessions, and they have a brutal history of ruthless bigotry/conquest (the Klans). The UN is just an international cooperation body. There is NO NEW WORLD ORDER. Only a revived British or Danish empire. That's what. Where people will be ruthlessly oppressed, especially if they don't follow the Antichrist's ways.

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