Is the Euler's identity a beautiful math problem.

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  • It Literally Has Art Written All Over It

    According to Kant, the forefather of modern aesthetics, beauty is about purposiveness without purpose. Euler's identity is literally all about that. E is the base of natural logarithms, i is the imaginary square root of -1, and pi is the ratio of a circumference to a diameter of a circle. If you can create unity from those numbers such as by equating them to nothing (aka 0) after adding the base unit of anything (aka 1), you have a pretty incredibly beautiful math problem.

  • It is the most beautiful math problem. It is a form of art.

    University College London, Imperial College London and University of Edinburgh have found that beautiful math problems can stimulate the part of the brain that is related to art. Euler's identity was found to be the most beautiful math problem when people were force to rate math problems in their beauty. It is such pleasing problem on the eyes, and at first glance seems simple. But when you try to do it, you notice how complex the relationship between numbers are. What is so beautiful though is that an irrational number to the power of another irritation number times the square root of negative one give a rational answer. It gives a fuzzy feeling inside when it allows you to realise all numbers are connected.

    Of course I know some of you hate math. But here is the bright side of this math problem, you can give it to your math teacher and watch them be confused. And if you want to really stick it to your teacher, just google how to solve it so you can claim you know something they don't. Oh, the beauty of Euler's identity.

  • Math problems arent beautiful

    There is no beauty in math problems, they are all pains in the a**es that suck the beauty out of life, not add to it. Saying that a math problem is beautiful is like saying that unclogging a toilet is beautiful, which it isnt, since both are just examples of you sinking a lot of work into something just because you were asked to clear some sh** up.

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