• Yes, Ebola scare is causing trouble for the European stock market.

    The Ebola crisis in Africa has spilled over into Europe by way of Spain. A Spanish nurse has been diagnosed with Ebola after treating those infected with the disease. Her dog is scheduled to be euthanized after experts claim that Ebola can be contracted by canines. News of this sort is bound to make investors wary, which will harm stock market prices.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, the European Stock Market is still in trouble, because the US stock market is not doing well and when we fall the whole worlds economy tends to loose out also at the same time. So the Euro is loosing along with the dollar. Hopefully it can start to regain it's value again.

  • No More Than Any Other

    I do not believe the European stock market is in trouble. Not any more than any other market in the world. I think they're all faulty. I they're all over invested. And I think there is a chance that it could all crash. Every single one. We aren't living sustainably and ever increasing profits are not possible.

  • They have bounced back.

    No, the European stock market is not in trouble, because there have been times where the economy has been much shakier than it is now. Europe had a large financial crisis two years ago, and spent a lot of money to bail out some countries. They always manage to find a way to pull through.

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