• Global Warming creates harsh weather due to the fact of the heat in our atmosphere.

    Recently, and I am speaking from 2005 and beyond, has the weather become harsh. We have had some of the worst winters, all because the melting of ice caps. When the ice melts, it creates more water, which then goes in as water vapor into our atmosphere. We now have longer jet streams because of that. The jet streams, that used to only reach Buffalo, NY now reach the MD and VA regions. Now since there is colder air reaching farther and ore water in the air, it creates more snow. When America is warmer, it tends to get to warm. When it comes to warmth, you look out for 2 things, lightning storms, and hurricanes. Hurricanes normally start at the equator, which is the warmest point, and then peters out by the time it hits the coast, just causing rain. As the seasons get warmer, it will happen closer and closer towards the coast. Hurricane Sandy, was a big hurricane, and unlike Hurricane Gloria which only cause a bit of damage because a bit of damage because of the how it followed the water ways. Sandy, started closer to the coast, and maintained heat, because it hadn't hit land. Sandy had the same heat signatures until it hit the coast, becoming the second most costly hurricane to hit the U.S. at upwards of 68 billion dollars. Hurricane Katrina was the first. In 2005, a record high 7,196 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, were emitted into the air. Oddly enough, there were 28 tropical and sub-tropical storms along the east coast, and 15 became hurricanes. Katrina, Wilma, Stan, Jeanne, Rita and Dennis were all created in the 2005 hurricane season, and all amounted to a scary total of 6710 deaths. With the costly rise of emission of green house gases, and the deforestation around the world and burning of trees, the weather and global warming will grow to be even harsher.

  • Yes, Global Warming has sufficient scientific evidence to support it. Whether caused by humans or not.

    A large number of peer reviewed scientific studies show that the earth is warming. And I have always believed that it was the human cause of global warming that was argued, not the actual event itself. But the evidence clearly shows that the earth is warming, and humans are some part of it, whether small or large is for another question/debate.

  • Yes, I believe that the evidence for global warming does evoke interest, and I also believe God is totally in control.

    Global warming is constantly talked about in the news and brought to the attention of governmental agencies. Everywhere you look or listen, the "going green" concept is emphasized. I believe that the earth has adapted to changes, ever since God created it, and will continue to do so. I believe he will, one day, destroy the earth, according to the Biblical reference, and also create a new heaven and earth. This provides reassurance for me that he is in control and all is well, and will continue to be so.

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • Absolutely. From smog and growing ozone holes at both poles, the evidence is clear that global warming is a problem.

    There is simply no way that carbon monoxide emissions from cars, manufacturing plants and factories does not have some effect on the Earth's atmosphere. These emissions do not just evaporate. They MUST go somewhere, and that is into our atmosphere where they build up, creating a heat-trapping layer that is warming the Earth. It is just that simple.

    Posted by: NimbleGreg
  • Yes, because the data clearly show a rise in average temperatures.

    Measurements of global average temperatures clearly show a rise in average temperatures on the order of magnitude of one degree Celsius, over recent decades. This evidence is incontrovertible. It is definitely happening. It is important to realize that the salient matter is average temperature. This is not refuted by any single big snowstorm or cold snap. There is a difference between the "weather" and the "climate".

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • Yes, the evidence of global warming is compelling, whole weather patterns have shifted and the average ocean temperature has risen.

    There can really be no question of does global warming exist, there is too much proof of how the world is getting warmer. Oceans have gone up several degrees, rain is falling in area's that it rarely rained before and area's that used to get a lot of rain are now suffering droughts. The real confusion is not that does global warming exist, but how fast it is progressing and exactly what is causing it, man or nature. There are some historic facts that the world naturally cools down and heats up on a cycle, and some people say that what we are experiencing now is just a cycle and not caused solely by pollution.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I agree the evidence for global warming is compelling, because we are experiencing its effects right now.

    When it's particularly cold in parts of the country or world, people ignorantly assume this is evidence against global warming. In fact, it is proof of it. Our freaky weather systems and the havoc they wreak are compelling evidence that global warming is a real problem and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • The consensus is overwhelming and the evidence mountainous.

    The evidence ranges from obvious to arcane and ranges across a myriad of scientific disciplines and includes data from thousands of independently collected sources. Nine of the hottest ten years on record have occurred since 2000, and 2010 was the hottest year ever. That's the obvious part. Increasing weather instability is another, at least for those who follow the news about such things. The loss of ice at both poles is less obvious to the average person, but is well documented (and especially serious in the Arctic).

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Yes, all available data points undeniably toward it.

    In fact, the snowpocalypse last year is further evidence of it - global warming results in climate instability that causes erratic weather. It's likely the trend will continue for years to come.

  • I agree that the evidence for global warming is compelling because the Earth has been getting warmer for years now.

    The earths C02 levels have increased then decreased and increased and decreased almost like the earth has been inhaling and exhaling but every time the C02 levels have gone down they come back up even greater then what they were before. Right now the C02 levels are a a all time high at 390.09 ppm. Consequently the temperatures are at an all time high across the world.

    Posted by: WwjdHewet
  • This was one of the coldest winters in history.

    There is some evidence that the climate is changing. I, however, have difficulty believing in the crisis of global warming after one of the coldest winters in history. If global warming is occurring, the temperatures should have been warmer than usual this winter, not cooler. I need to see more solid science on the issue before I can fully believe in global warming.

    Posted by: 5h4rdBevon
  • Time Will Tell

    Our knowledge of the causes of Earth's long-term climate variability is limited. However, this does not mean that we should not adopt a conservation policy and take precautions for the possibility that AGW is real. The costs of doing nothing and being wrong are very real and ominous and I for one do not care about oil company profits.


    'Yes, because the data clearly show a rise in average temperatures' are you serious? how can the data clearly show anything? what because the thermometer was invented in the 17th century and the official government data collection only started in 1878? (data collection starter in the early 19th century) Therefore the 'proof' you have of 'global warming' is limited to 0.00008695652173913044% of the total exixtance of life dating back to the earliest time of the triassic period (assuming you dont believe in a magical cloud man). there is no evidence beyond what we want to see. the assumptions we cowardly make between what we have records of and what we estimate are your idea of proof? im no scholar and you dont need to be to draw the conclusion that science, can be manipulated to draw any distinction between anything if the price is right.

  • Global temperatures have actually been declining in the last decade.

    I keep reading articles that global temperatures have stabilized and declined in the last ten years. There is talk about the sun going through a long term lower cycle, where we may have something similar to the Maunder Minimum, or "mini Ice Age".

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I believe we have always had fluctuations in temperature, and there is no evidence to suggest a steady incline.

    We have both extremes of warmer and colder winters, and cooler and hotter summers. Over the past fifty years, we have seen a variety of weather conditions. I believe this is the natural cycle of events and not a result of any one theory, such as global warming. I am convinced that global warming is only a theory.

    Posted by: WideHung32
  • The evidence for global warming is not compelling.

    The evidence for global warming is not compelling because the data related to global warning has been manipulated to a degree that it is useless. Throughout the history of the world, warming and cooling cycles have occurred. Unfortunately, a small group of Eco-terrorists manipulated the data to fit their agenda. If the Earth is warming, the process of natural selection will take over.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • The polar caps on Mars are melting too.

    Did we create that too?
    It is all lies to create a new currency...
    A government sponsored ponzi scheme.

  • No, the evidence for global warming is not compelling because it is an unproven science and the last 10 years or so the temperatures have actually decreased.

    No, the evidence for global warming is not compelling because it is an unproven scientific fact and temperatures have actually decreased in the past 10-15 years or so. Weathermen can't predict for certain what will happen next week much less years down the road. There is also misleading information in some recent publications and the leaked emails from meteorologists are also disturbing. There is money to be made from selling carbon credits and those who have spouted this nonsense stand to make very large sums of money. Why did Al Gore buy a mansion in California if he really thinks the state will be underwater due to global warming.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii

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