• It's up to you

    Many people are objecting to the topic but that's narrow minded.
    I believe the existence of peer pressure will give you lots of benefits.
    Of course, if the group you belong is strange, you gotta be strange.
    But if you are in a good group that works for a meaningful missions,
    you'll thank the peer pressure. All you should know is that, "It's up to you."

  • It Is A Life Lesson

    Peer pressure is not something that simply disappears at a certain age. Peer pressure is in our lives and is used by family members, employers, and many others. I believe peer pressure is a common part of life and is not particularly unhealthy. It makes a person question their beliefs and stand up for them, when need be.

  • Peer Pressure Is Not Healthy

    Often times, peer pressure makes people want to cave into what people think - and not what you, yourself, believe. It makes you feel like you're the one being weird and different and therefore you feel a need to "go with the flow" or follow other people's opinions and/or ideas. Eventually that will probably make you feel ashamed of yourself for not being who other people "want" you to be and you'll end up changing yourself for other people - even if you don't realize it.

    That's not healthy for your living.

  • No, peer pressure is not healthy.

    I believe that the existence of peer pressure is not healthy. Peer pressure can make a person do something he or she would never do unless pushed by his or her friends. It is very difficult for a young person to resist peer pressure because they want to be accepted by the group.

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