• Indisputably unethical and immoral

    The most important point - and the one that makes this an indisputably unethical trade - is that it encourages poachers and traffickers to take these animals from the wild. For every animal that ends up in someone's home as a loved pet, There are countless others that die of malnutrition, Disease or negligence.
    Even if, Despite everything, You decide to get an exotic pet, Most local vets are not equipped to care for these animals. You are unlikely to have the room, Climate, Habitat, Food and time to care for your pet (especially in species that are highly social and now spend hours alone in a cage or tank).

  • Lack of knowledge

    A lot of people all of over the world purchase exotic animals without much knowledge of how to actually care for them properly because of something they see in media, this leads to negative effects on the animals welfare such as malnutrition or stress due to incorrect living facilities and can even result in animals being abandoned or worst case, even death.

  • The exotic pet trade in the U.S. is unethical.

    The exotic pet trade in the U.S. is unethical. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the exotic pet trade is a multi-billion dollar industry, second only to drugs and weapons on the black market. It's a $15 billion dollar business in the United States alone, with breeders and dealers selling animals over the
    Internet or in trade magazines. Most of the time, the people that are trading and selling these animals do not know how to take care of them and the animal suffers.

  • Yes, it is.

    The exotic pet trade is very unethical. There is nothing wrong with having a pet as long as it is the type of animal that appreciates being a pet such as a dog. Exotic pets generally have no interest in humans. On top of that, most exotic pet owners don't care about their pets because they only want them to show off how rich they are.

  • Most exoitic pets are dangerous

    There are some exotic pets that should be allowed to be able to purchase because they are no real danger to anyone such as birds and lizards and other things like that. However, if we are talking jaguars, monkeys, and mountain lions, then these things are dangerous to be kept in homes.

  • Exotic Pet Trade Unethical

    Without a doubt, the exotic pet trade in the United States is unethical. In some cases, it is also illegal by federal law, too. We need to put an end to this pet trade because animals aren't meant to live outside their intended habitats, and making them live like that is unethical.

  • What do you mean by exotic pets?

    If its a cobra yes but I keep many exotic corals and fish (even though some can be dangerous) I enjoy it and its my hobby. I know some fish like pike cichlids and piranhas that are illegal in many Southern and Midwestern states because of out breaking into the water cycle. I've also been breeding exotics to and been enjoying it, ill say if the pet trade ends so will lots of humans

  • Depends on the person

    There is no reson why a person can't be a good and responsible owner of an exotic pet, and there's no reason they wouldn't be better off in the US with a good owner than where they came from. There are many abusive people, but, ultimately, the potential for good outweighs the negative.

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