• Could save a lot of lives

    The countries that the U.S. Has the immediate capabilities to emcompass are swamped in abject poverty and corrupt leadership (Central American, South American Nations and micronations) and by occupying them we could supply their people with advanced medical care, freedom from starvation and the grasp of cartels and drug trafficking.

  • More so than not

    With the current state of things in the US I would disagree with the idea. But I feel the addition of states that crave more autonomous harmony in a federal republic would be good for all. Less federal overreach would eliminate wasted funds. More opinions would diversify debate. In the end the joining of two nations by the mutual concent and respect of their populations can only strengthen both.

  • No longer be seen as weakening

    The U.S. has grown rather weak in the eyes of other countries such as Russia where they think they can do whatever they want and we will do nothing about it like ukraine and Georgia for some examples. We would also become far richer in the fact that both the United States and Canada combined could create a vast and open continent full of a vast and open amount of natural resources that both countries could enjoy without the hassle of international agreements.

  • Well it would remove the debt....

    Depends on how its done, I mean if all the states are represented as they are now then there will be very big problems due to the power of the federal government and cultural differences. However if we would go back to an early model of the United States where states had much more autonomy and people identified much more with them then sure. You would basically have the U.N. Except with a lot more power. Really its a perfect way of removing debt as well since the United States cannot owe money to the United States. So long as different countries have reasonable autonomy and the federal government doesn't do anything excessively infuriating then I don't see why it couldn't work.

  • No, let's not take over the world

    The Expansionist Party wants the United States to get more states from the rest of the world. Ultimately they would like the entire world under one United States seeing this as the key to peace and prosperity worldwide. I said a hip hop to the hippity hop and up down the boogie.

  • The US needs to solve its debt problem and restore constitutional authority.

    The US needs to restore its constitutional authority and order before it does anything. Taking in more countries is a preposterous idea. The USA has a debt of 17 trillion dollars. Has it occurred to the "yes" people that Canada, Mexico, not to mention Russia and China, just might not want to be Americans?

  • They are horribly misguided

    There are a lot of problems with taking over the entire world. In light of current circumstances in the US I think we can see that we are barely able to keep the states we currently have united. Perhaps we have peace now, but imagine if we had another few dozen hard core conservative cultures added in and contrasted with our own more moderate/liberal culture. I don't believe this could ever happen.

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