Is the expense of a 4 year private college education worth it?

  • Good education good job

    Obviously if you go to college and DO WELL, you will get a good job (usually, other than the people who go to party) Getting a good education will make sure you do good in life. Look at the doctors who go for 8 years and are making over 100k a year. Then look at the people who go for 4 years just to mess around and are still working at fast food.

  • No, not in most cases.

    A four year degree is not even a requirement anymore for those who are not intellectually inclined. And those who are can get a good education in a public college. A private education is great if someone needs to make connections and has the ability to get into and afford it, but it is not necessary for success and certainly not to make a good salary.

  • Employment after college is to uncertain.

    Unless you have at least one decent scholarship or the skills/intelligence to make good use of the education, then college is not worth the risk. Depending on the subjects, duration, and school, college expenses can easily get upwards of $100,000 (and don't forget interest on some loans). Just because you went to college doesn't mean you are going to get a job in your desired field, or even have a good chance of getting a job. The guy who went to school for 8 years to become a doctor could end up working at an assembly line. You could end up with so much debt that everything you ever make will go toward paying off the loans. If you have a massive amount of wealth, then the risk is definitely worth it, but for most people who live in a country where education is paid for the risk is not worth it.

  • With some exceptions

    Spending thousands of dollars that you nor your family cannot actually afford on college makes sense in some scenarios. However, the reason I say no, is because these "yes" scenarios are much rarer than the "no" scenarios. There are very few situations where college is not worth it at all, in my opinion. These are basically scenarios where your skill and connections have already led to well-paying jobs: for example, computer programming or (in the rare case of a close friend of mine) architecture. The "yes" scenarios, in which debt is the way to go, include fields such as acting, art, or music performance. These are fields where you need to obtain connections, which private colleges are typically much better for than public schools. In any situation where connections are unnecessary and career options are slim without a degree, I believe going to city or state schools is a far more financially sound decision.

  • Countries that offer free higher education. Http://www.Deseretnews.Com/top/1642/10/Germany-Countries-that-offer-free-higher-education-.Html

    America should have free college education just like in Sweden, Denmark, France, Argentina, Finland, Greece, Norway, Scotland, Turkey, Brazil and Germany.

    We should have Universal Health Care too, and a minimum wage of $18 per hour, for all workers, including tipped employees, e.G., bar tenders, waitresses, hair cutters, etc.

    America is a only for the wealthy, the Plutocracy, the top 1%. America is only for the wealthy. It needs another Revolution to throw out the wealthy who rule us.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't believe it is. College education is insanely expensive, private colleges even more so. With the job market like it is, it's hard enough to get jobs after you graduate. Going to a more expensive, private college doesn't have a better guarntee that you will find a job afterwards, making the extra cost a waste.

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