• People want a product.

    Yes, the expression Content is King is correct, because people are looking for information on the internet, not junk. Google even goes to great lengths to filter out websites that do not do enough for content. People want the information they are looking for, not a lot of bells and whistles.

  • Yes, although form gets a lot of press.

    When we are talking about internet offerings or even when we are talking about life outside the virtual world, it sometimes may seem as if the form is everything and superficial wins. But when it comes down to it, high quality content is what rules because without it people will eventually move on.

  • Content in Art and around the world is King

    Very agreeable to this. Content embodies the originality of something, and also it's ability to copy or adapt a previous work. Details are important as well, but without the content, you "have no roots". Perhaps a great example of this might be Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. If you emitted the beginning notes, it would altogether different.

  • That hasn't been true since the dotcom era.

    Wow, I have not heard the expression "content is king" since the dotcom era. And the reason why is that it isn't correct. If content were king, we'd have more paid staffers writing more creative content for websites. Instead, social media is king. And that means we have volunteers vomiting up tons of opinion pieces on blogs and Facebook.

  • Presentation is everything.

    I don't think the world lives by the phrase "content is King" anymore. I believe that we live in a world where the presentation of information is more important than how true the information actually is. We live in an ADHD culture where the visuals are more important than the info.

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