Is the extreme weather in Texas happening because of rising global temperatures?

  • Yes, but it is not a recent thing

    While it is true that in recent years there had been many instances of extreme weather in Texas, it should be noted that such cases were not uncommon in previous decades, even centuries. That being said, since Texas is influenced by Mexican Gulf and Atlantic ocean and it's weather and currents, of course that global warming affects them as well as all other Caribbean islands. El Nino effect in the Pacific has long since been identified and confirmed, and such extreme weather variations and volatilises are known in all other oceans.

  • What more will it take?

    Snow in Texas on the same day its 70 degrees in New York City, disappearing ice caps, Miami going further under water every day, what else do we need to know? Sometimes the earth's temperature rises and falls on its own, but this many scientists can't be wrong that humans are contributing to this.

  • Global Warming effects showing

    This fall and winter has been really different. We have experienced the warmest Christmas in a while and rather than having a white Christmas, we got rain. California has been on drought and Texas has extreme weather conditions. This change in weather is definitely related to the rise in global temperatures and we need to take precautions

  • Global warming is definitely taking its toll

    This is the warmest December I have ever experienced in my lifetime. The Eastern part of the country is having balmy whether while Texas is experiencing severe floods, tornadoes and other weather anomalies. Missouri is now under water too. This is not our imaginations. The world is changing rapidly and we are feeling the effects on a grand scale.

  • El Niño Southern Oscillation

    I'm sorry but global warming has been debunked for a while. Extreme temperatures however have not, our planet is experiencing odd temperature spikes. You should however be more concerned that we may be about to enter a period of cooling as in an ice age. A little research into the Atlantic Conveyor belt will help explain this. The extreme weather in the U.S. is currently due to an extreme El Niño (we have no idea what causes this but it's been going on for longer than carbon pollution).

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