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  • Education is Key

    If education fail to empower the children is hard to expect that you will have a wealth and stable country. For having a desired nation, think, and concentrate on youth and expose them! Those who have strong education system have strong youth thus they have a strong nations. Thanks a lot!

  • Of course it is

    Of course. If education fails, the nation will eventually fail as well. Uneducated fools are easy to conquer and rule. Not only that, fools are a danger to themselves, too. They will always choose an easy way, no matter whether this way is good or bad, dangerous or not. Poverty will be rampant, too.

  • Yes it Is.

    It is a fall of nation because we need more education than anything else. Without education in our nation, there is a huge flop. We need more education for our students and children so they can provide our future economy. Without any education whatsoever, our future would be in complete destruction.

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