• The concept is interesting.

    This show does explain what happens to a family when someone who has been missing is found. There can be questions, doubts, and even those who may wonder if the person is really the one who was lost. It's an interesting concept to cover in a TV program, yet something that happens in real life. It is no doubt not easy for an individual to come home to a family that they haven't seen in years and even for the family to learn to deal with having them back and what could have happened.

  • Yes, The Family is a good show

    The Family is a good television show because of the wide range of audiences it can appeal to. This show appeals to both the working class and the middle class. The working class views this show as a comedy against the failures of politicians, and the middle class views this TV series as a show that can sometimes reflect their own personal goals and lives.

  • The Family is not your average tv drama about familial relationships

    Yes, The Family is a good tv show, and worth watching. It portrays community life after one of its own, a politician's son, who was presumed murdered, returns back home. People are shocked, and suspicions start to emerge. It is a new mystery-drama, and hence the subject matter is not what you'd expect. The family must come to terms with the past, and re-examine who they are as individuals, with long-buried secrets, betrayals and heartache brought to the surface. Families are not perfect, and community life is not always harmonious. The show gets good reviews. We'll probably be seeing more of this program.

  • Interesting plot potential

    Well so far I have only seen the first episode, but it has an interesting plot so far. I feel like it has the potential to get much deeper and more complex and quite frankly more addicting. The show shows some real potential to be the next big show with a cult following.

  • Was worth watching till society crap took ahold.

    You think christians and God is a joke. I know family's have sin like a husband cheated on his wife or someone beating himself up for revenge. You had me for five shows and I rarely watch tv shows.You went to far on April 3 episode I will not be watching anymore.

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