• Do what the child wants

    Their is going to be a time were kid , teens are going to grow up and not have to worry about going by a document , do wa=hat the kids think that is best fro them . Parents fight and fight over a child and shouldn't be but they don't realize their tryng to help the kids succesful

  • Fathers typically lose

    If you're a father, it is near impossible oftentimes to get custody of your children, even if you are the more fit parent. Sexism favors and disadvantages both genders depending on the situation, it is not just slanted against women. The idea that women are always going to be great mothers is a good example of this.

  • This is stupid.

    I'm sorry, but I just saw another debate titled "should women have equal rights?" And 32%!!! Not 5 or 10%, 32% said no. I guarentee most of those were men so if your complaining about "oh, well I have to pay this and I can't do this" Then get over it. When you start pushing children out your butt then you can talk.

  • No, that was in another time.

    There was a time when fathers were discriminated against in family court. But it seems as if times have changed and fathers are definitely taken into consideration these days. Joint custody in one form or another is pretty much taken for granted, and there are even times when the father gets sole custody.

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