Is the far right and the far left the same as being extremist?

Asked by: Elegant_kunta
  • An extremist is an extremist

    For the most part, both sides basically want less government control. They want government to stay out of the bedroom, drugs, and anything else. I know that far right republicans just want the government to pave roads, uphold parks, etc... And I think far left liberals just want government gone

  • Their objective is the same: the masses

    The destinction of those two political ideologies were always blurry. Their only difference is their so-called "just cause". In the end both are tyrannical and authoritarian movements which tried to control all levels of social life by illusioning the masses through exploitation of their miserable situation with tempting unrealistic ideals. Once the individual has lost itself in the masses freedom is gone. Therefore a strong and rational human being has to doubt and think critically. Never rely on others. Do your own research. Decide for yourself and belief in yourself

  • Yes in today's age.

    Both sides of the political spectrum have gone way off to the far extreme which has not been seen like before. These extremes have caused many things not to get done. Perhaps if we were to get off of these extremes we would see things improve across the country and in dc.

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