• FARC is a FARCing terrorist group

    FARC has been kidnapping and killing people. They are described as communist terrorists and narcoterrorists during the conflict in Colombia. They have been terrorising Colombia for over 40 years now so yes they are terrorists. I need 15 more words so I will say FARC those commie FARC members. :P

  • Yes, they hurt innocent people.

    Yes, FARC is a terrorist organization, even so much so that the CIA is rumored to be helping with destroying the leaders of the organization. FARC is open about having communist leanings, and are actively involved in kidnapping, along with making and distributing illegal drugs. Clearly, the FARC's activities are tantamount to terrorism.

  • The FARC do not act as a traditional terrorist organization.

    The FARC are viewed as a terrorist organization by several governments, but their actions imply a more socialistic agenda, touting the rural workers and inhabitants as superior to more urban, hourly workers. Whereas traditional terrorist groups use fear and coercion to force their ends, the FARC try to represent poor, rural Colombians from the influence of the US government and large corporations by protecting them from those powers.

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